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We played two games linked with a famous Conan.

The first was Conan from Monolith Games the new strategy battle game.  Phil played as overlord whilst Mike was Conan, Darryl the wizard, Alex the Thief and Bruce took Belittle who unfortunately had left her crew behind.  The heroes needed to rescue the princess and slay the evil shaman.

The players advanced rapidly into the pict camp with the wizard scouting out the western huts using his teleport skills.   The thief entered the eastern hut and slew two hyenas and opened the chest.  A good start.  Conan cleared a path to the shamans hut supported by belit.

Conan then killed the shaman whilst belit held a look out outside the hut.  The thief stole in and grabbed the shamans head.  The wizard teleported into the giant snakes hut and discovered the drugged princess asleep therein.  The snake bursts out of the hut enraged by the death of its master and encountered belit.  It was thus blocking conan and the thiefs escape.  However the thief grabbed the head and raced off table in one speedy move using his evasiveness.  Now the players only needed to rescue the princess.

However there remained the small matter of the giant blocking snake and hordes of enraged Picts coming from all angles.  The snake had sunk its deadly teath in to poor belit and was squeezing the life out of her turn by turn with its huge coils.  Even as Conan arrived it was too late for belit who was also being attacked by Picts.  The wizard proved unable to harm the beast and belit could only scratch it.  Conan nearly killed it but it was not enough and belit was defeated.  However her attack from beyond skill finally killed the beast opening up the way for Conan to reach the princess and escape off board.

Victory for the players.  Well done.

Thoughts.  A good introductory scenario for new players and certainly was a fun game.  The encumbrance for the princess makes sense for balance but thematically Conan should be able to carry her with his armour and a weapon, he had to cast aside his leather armour to do so. Still it made sense that the wizard would be reluctant as when carrying her he could not cast his spells so waited for Conan to arrive.

Belit without a shield and her guardsmen is not really that much fun to play especially for an introductory game.  If I was to do it again I would give her at least one guard or the option to switch with another character.  There is a discussion about point values on the board game geek site.  I think Valeria might be a good swap especially as belit gets to play in the next scenario.  Probably belit would be more fun with items from the chests but got blocked by the snake and then the thief ran off with the shamans head leaving his friends to their fates!

Next Mike cleverly suggested another Conan game.  Sherlock Holmes the card game based on the books by sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Bruce won that when he found mikes collection of villains hiding out in moriartys country mansion.

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