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Long time, no post. Some catching up to do. Here are some photos from my game of sword and spear fantasy. Have played the historical rules several times, the new fantasy rules add a few more things. Troop characteristics, new. Troops like monsters, beasts and heroes. Magic users and spells of course. Lots to remember and the healing and. Boost spells really do have an important effect on the game.

The scenario I tried was a river crossing, breakout battle. They orc army is being pursued by the men of Rohan carts loaded with loot when they reach the fords and bridge across the Anduin. The elves are holding all the crossing points, a joint force of Mirkwood elves plus the house of Elrond from Rivendell.

A troublesome group of dwarves have chosen this moment of battle as a useful distraction the break out of the elven halls in some barrels and are racing down the mountain rapids only to find themselves caught in between the two opposing forces as the orcs close.

The battle started with orcs advancing slowly. As they crossed through the deep water the Uruk hai found the going difficult and could not break through. However healthcare no from the shaman and support of the general allowed them to keep on fighting against the elven melee capable archers holding the banks. The trolls however did break through but were struck in the flank by the Rivendell knights in reserve and routed.

The giant trolls and troll infantry forced their way across the bridge and ford. However when the eagles attacked and destroyed the baggage train the whole army began to lose heart. With the orc captain on the left flank lost and the attack losing momentum the elves were able to hold the crossings before nightfall and the war horns of the rohirrim closing in panic set in amongst the orcs who scattered grabbing whatever loot they could for themselves.

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