Saturday 14th of November: Battlestar Galactica   Leave a comment

Phil, Alex, Two Mikes, Darryl and Bruce played Galactica- Pegasus.

Phil’s Admiral made some good jumps and even a forced blind jump when they were beset by enemies. Baltar (Mike) scanned Boomer (Alex) after the sleeper phase. Darryl’s starbuck turned out to be a sympathetic cylon because they were low on fuel. Declaring Boomer who was in the Brig as human lead now to some suspicion and uncertainty. This was because between them they had six loyalty cards!

Determined to get out of the Brig, Boomer called a vote despite failing to garner support but lost even though only he and Bruce’s President voted (everyone else abstained). With 3 bad cards one of them was very suspicious now!

Admiral Cain was determined to Brig and airlock the President but people were still unsure. No time to scout as they jumped again to a barren planet: they were low on fuel. Where did it all go because they had not used much to jump at all? Now the President forced the loss of 4 food rather than lose cards. Admiral’s Quarters though were damaged. Scar appeared!

Baltar (Mike) fixes the Quarters so the engineer could use it. However instead our engineer (Michael) uses communications instead and tells the human civilian population ships to move closer to Scar! Next it is President Bruce who realises the game is up and declares as a Cylon. Finally Scar attacks the civilians and strikes a lucky blowing up a Fuel supply ship! The humans are out of fuel and lose the game.

Well done Michael and Bruce (and Scar).

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