Defence of the North   Leave a comment

Campaign two scenarios four and five.

Burning of the Mirkwood

Razgush sends his forces into the woods with orders to burn down the five central tall trees.
Tauriel is ready to defend the forest.
Razgush is victorious as the final tree is felled.

This scenario seemed impossible for the elves. We even allowed only one roll per tree per turn to bring a tree down. With the orcs having troops that move faster and the greater numbers we wondered what they could do otherwise.

The finale. The battle under the trees. The good side are even awarded Grimbeorn as a result of their previous victories.

Thranduil and the Ellie’s.
The spider queen lurks in the shadows.
Orcs advance in the centre whilst the faster denizens advance on the flanks. Elven archery kills about five wargs and orcs as the lines close. Orc archery and spear throwing has no effect at all.
Grimbeorn is staying behind the copse guarding the left flank against the spider queen.
Deadly spiders.
After heavy fighting the orcs on 5e elf right flank are beginning to outflank the defenders . The elves are beginning to get surrounded. The bear is being held at bay by the queen aided by her bats and spiders on the other flank. In the centre Tauriel and the ranger captain are slain by Razgush and his forces. Thranduil and his guardsmen are undefeated. However the count is now 18 elves lost to 15 orcs.
As the elven line began to collapse we declared an evil victory.

This was a tough scenario for the elves. A victory for evil in the second campaign of defence of the north.

Next will be campaign one as I am busily painting up some black dragon warriors and have some proxy Rhunish war drakes on order.

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