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Hail Sauron

Hail Caesar rules for a Lord of the Rings theme.

Mike came round and we tried out a scenario.  The Southrons and Easterlings (Mike) were besieging Pelargir.  A relief force of Gondorian troops (Phil) have marched south in an attempt to break the siege.

Based on the Road to Damascus scenario in the HC rulebook.  A blocking force of Haradrim and Easterlings are holding the road in the suburbs of Pelargir.  If the Gondorians can break through then the Evil force will have to lift the siege or face their supply lines being cut.  The holding force must hold the road long enough for the Harad cavalry to arrive in support.  If Gondor can get their forces to advance and leave the table off the far (south) edge then they will be victorious.


The Harad, Easterling and Morgul cavalry were severely delayed.  Though the Easterling phalanx was able to hold off an attack from the Guards of the Fountain Court eventually they were forced into retreat following subsequent persistent attacks from the Gondorian infantry.   The cavalry were too late in arriving and then failed their command roll when they did and so failed to halt the advance.  Also they suffered from overly powerful siege engine fire from the ramparts of Pelargir.

Victory for Gondor.

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