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Solo play of an old classic. The SPI version of War of the Ring.
Initially all seemed to be going well for the Free Peoples. Gandalf led the forces of Rohan to the rescue of Minas Tirith after trapping Saruman within Isengard. The Dark Lord won when the Fellowship got spotted in Gorgoroth and Frodo put on the Ring and raced off to Mount Doom. Aragorn and Gimli were captured and dragged off to Barad Dur in chains. The Nazgul descended onto Frodo who failed to take the ring off. Despite the valiant sacrifice of his comrades and his own brave defence the Nazgul slew Frodo and took the ring to Sauron. In hindsight Frodo should have retreated to Minas Morgul and removed the Ring before venturing towards Mount Doom.

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Card Games night.
Bruce, Mike, Andy and Phil.
First up was Cloud 9, fun game with a balloon. Andy cleverly won after Phil took an early lead.
Next was Senator. Bruce cleverly won after Phil took an early lead.
Next up Phil and Andy played Lord of the Rings the Collectable Card Game whilst Bruce and Mike Midway. Both games looked very good and seemed interesting to play.
Finally all 4 played Musketeers. Bruce won after Phil took an early lead and made himself a target. Someone really has to have a word with him about this tactic.

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