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Solo game to learn the rules. Interesting game. Not that good solo. Gold blocks won by killing black commander on final phase of final turn.

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Mike, Andy, Bruce and Phil

Wrath of Ashardalon
In player order the following set out to defeat the Beholder: Fighter, Cleric, Paladin, Scout. The players worked well as a team. The fighter bravely led the way and the team were well supported by the Cleric. No healing surges were used and the players held back heir special powers for the final chamber, which was in fact quite small. Thus the Beholder and his minions were rapidly defeated.

Last Night on Earth.
In the first game the humans quickly found petrol and car keys and escaped. The second game took longer but somehow the humans survived just long enough for day to break and the villagers were all found and kept safe.

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Wrath of Ashardalon
Solo games
Fighter and Wizard attempted to take on the Beholder. However they had hardly entered the dungeon before they found hemselves hard pressed. The wizard kept using up healing surges. He fell prey to traps or monsters, even though he was usingmirror image. Reaching the final room with their daily powers used already the heroes failed to defeat the beholder.

Next the Paladin and the Cleric set out. They raced through the dungeon pursued by a horde ofmonsters. Sentry Guardians kept spawning more corridors and they actually reached the Horrid chamber with just one tile remaining. Holding back their special powers they were able to make short work of the Beholder whilst the Clerics blade barrier defended their rear against the pursuing foes.

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