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Phil’s Strathyclyde Northern British Warband; Mike’s Normans (newly painted); Andy’s Saxons; all three fought against each other in a wooded valley in Cumbria.

First Phil’s mounted Hearthguard attacked Andy’s large Hearthtroop and each eventually destroyed the other.  This left Mike untouched and his Knights slaughtered Andy’s slingers (Levy).  However caught in the open they were charged by Phil’s Infantry Warriors and routed.  Andy’s remaining warriors held back near the central stone circle out of range of Mike’s deadly Crossbowmen as the British outflanking forces arrived.

Next Phil and Mike’s warlords fought it out and the Normans were pushed back though with heavy losses on each side.  Mike’s Crossbowmen destroyed Phil’s javelinmen who left the safety of the woods in a foolhardy attempt to close the distance and attack.

The final score was based on enemy troops killed (rather than troops surviving) so the Strathclyde British claimed the Victory this day, their noble prowess and warrior sacrifice being recorded proudly in the annals.


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