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Saturday 22 March; Battlestar Galactica   Leave a comment

Day break expansion with Phil, Darryl, James and Mike.

Phil had the mutineer which proved a challenge. He Hoshi set up the rebellion on demetrius and searched for a mission that would guide them to earth. Mike had the lawyer President who sadly lost his voice and could not raise morale. James had Helo the pilot and got shot down by Scar! Darryl had Admiral Adama and had everyone fooled.

For the first phase everyone was human and they travelled far without a scratch. However when Mike made Phil the mission specialist Darryl revealed his cylon nature and with a nasty super crisis card joined the basestar attacking Pegasus. Phil then seemed to be forever in sickbay or Brig having left his safe ship to fix the FTL. With all the resources falling rapidly things were looking bleak. However with some skillful and lucky play the humans held off defeat and used the FTL losing 3 population. Sothey were on their last jump to earth thanks to the demetrius mission cardkk adding one and a good deal of scouting and mission specialist bonus.

With the resources now all in red and fuel dangerously low James pulled out a card that gave the humans some quick fee actions on his turn. Then With no cylons on the map Darrlyl was powerless to attack on his go. So President Mike was able to activate the repaired FTL and jump the fleet to earth! Well done humans.

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