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BSG: Daybreak Expansion

Phil (Cylon Leader), Bruce, Darryl and Mike.

The players were all human at the start with Phil’s Cylon Leader (Athena) also drawing only human allegiance motives.  The players did well on Demetrius and ended up with a pro-Human Basestar and a bonus distance mission card to speed them on their way.  Admiral Darryl even managed to save lots of Fuel!

After the sleeper phase Phil drew two Cylon Cards and Mike’s President a You are Cylon Card.  At this point the CL became anxious about the speed of the human’s progress as he needed to damage certain parts of Galactica and get the population into the red if the humans were to win.  If the Cylons were to win he’d be victorious.  So the CL searched and stacked the deck to create some action.  This resulted in the President putting Bruce’s Doc into the Brig.   Mike then declared as a Cylon, saving his super crisis cylon attack card for after the penultimate Jump.  Phil let Bruce out of the Brig and then declared, missing a go.  This turned out to be a crucial mistake as the humans then drew and passed a crisis card which gave them 1 extra distance.  This meant that the Cylons were caught planning for the next jump whilst the humans jumped safely to earth having reached 10 because of the crisis card.   Phil’s CL was left cursing as ironically every resource except population was in red and he had achieved his Cylon objectives; so he was on the losing side but not the winning!

Well done Darryl and Bruce.  Bad luck Mike; so close!

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