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Cattle Raid

Continuing our campaign from the previous game Aesc once again sets out to raid into Rhegin. This time he is returning South from a successful cattle raid.

The Saxons enter the field of combat from the North, the Britons intercepting them on their way South to their ships on the coast enter from the South West. The terrain represents the South Downs with a once thriving religious community or Ecclesia with a ruined church, burnt down in a previous raid and an enclosed field where livestock once roamed safely.
The Britons were clearly alert and the Saxons managed just one short move to the South before the British vanguard under Julius enters the table. The levy of course lagging behind.

British Force Morale 5+3=8

Saxon 6.  +1=7

Cards dealt.

Lords and troops they command and begin near to:

British Lord= Julius (Elites, Milites); 1=Amminus (Milites, Levy); 2=Vellocatus (Levy).

Saxon: Lord= Aesc (Hearth A); 1=Eastmund (Hearth B, warriors with livestock); 2=Paega (Warriors).

The game begins with the Saxons advancing down the centre of the table from North to south. Eastmund leads the elites ahead and Paega takes his warriors to the west of the woods and forms up a mass formation. Aesc brings up his elites and the warriors with livestock move to the east before moving south.

A Large shieldwall was formed by Britons in centre.  Julius first advanced his units to block the route to the south and formed a shieldwall to await the reserves. Then Aesc and Eastmund formed a mass line opposite. Amminus with some good rolls brought up his units in shieldwall with the Milites to the fore and then later Julius brought the two shieldwalls together two form a large central line. Aesc attempted to close but the distance was too far. but his missile troops harrass the shieldwall from the small hill to the west.

Through the use of a Carpe Diem card Julius charges his shieldwall into the Saxon line and his Champion plays a Hero card to add some dice in the combat. This also allows Julius to overlap on both sides of the line and orevents Aesc from using all those attack cards he has ready. A long and drawn out fight ensues with the shieldwall very slowly pushing the hearthtroops back. The shieldwall advantage of preventing a kill making a real difference.

In an attempt to outflank the shieldwall the Saxons move South with warriors to the west of the woods and the hill. However the British levy close to block their advance and protect Julius’ flank. The Saxons attack but fortunately the British play a shieldwall braced card and though thrown back just about survive.

In the centre the Saxons abandon the livestock in attempt to bring the warriors into the fight. However they roll so low they fail to close!

Eventually Aesc and half his hearth troop are routed.  Shieldwall holds.  Animals are lost and running free away from the sound of battle back towards the British friendly edge. Julius attempts to close against Aesc now leading the remainung unit of warriors but he plays an evade card and retires towards the church.

The Saxons seeing that the day is lost retire from the field with the British holdingground rather than see more Levy killed. The Saxons have two retreat cards and the British just one. pursuit.

Saxons FM=5

The British claim a small 2 point victory and both forces return home to recover their losses? About 14 for the Saxons mainly elites and about 5 for the British.

Saxons FM=2



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