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Saturday 27th September: Lion Rampant   Leave a comment

Our first game of Lion Rampant the new medieval skirmish rules from Osprey.

Murder and Mayhem at the Market Fair

Northern England near the Scottish Border, Spring 1313

Two retinues have attended the May Fair at this sleepy northern village for generations. Sir John the Great and his men see themselves as English and hail from a nearby Castle, loyal to the Percy Family. Sir Brian the Blessed’s family come from North of the border, though with lands in both England and France, their loyalties lie closer to Scotland.

Tensions have been increasing between the two retinues over the last few years. Each year there is a tournament with a fairly brutal Melee at the May Fair. This is where each side has traditionally settled old grudges without recourse to all out conflict. This year however both sides have come prepared for more and tempers have flared after a Yeoman was killed in a tavern brawl the night before. Whilst the villagers and visiting merchants prepare for the annual market all out conflict begins between the two retinues.

The story of our battle is retold in the gallery above. Eventually both sides reached a stalemate. The English ransomed Sir Brian and left the field of battle whilst the Scots held their ground and retired to the Inn to drown their sorrows but with much reduced funds to do so. So Honours even and both sides planning to restart hostilities at the earliest opportunity.



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Saturday 20th September: Hail Caesar (Romans vs Hunnic Subject Nations )   Leave a comment

Romans against the Hunnic Empire’s Subjects

It’s is the fifth century AD in the Western Roman Empire. A horde of raiding Huns and their Subject Gothic nations have been intercepted by a Roman Field Army and whatever local troops can be mustered. Elite Roman Cavalry and well trained infantry (don’t mention the militia) against a larger force of Barbarians. Gothic Heavy Cavalry are supported by Gothic Infantry and led by Hunnic generals with Hunnic light cavalry in a skirmish role.

The Roman’s claim victory as the Cataphracts successfully drive off the Gothic Cavalry.

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Saturday 13th September: Hail Sauron   Leave a comment

We used the Hail Caesar rules to fight a clash between the forces of Gondor (with some High Elven Allies) against the forces of Harad (with some Orcish support).

The Steward of Gondor has sent his General to strike a blow against the forces of Harad and Umbar which have been raiding his coastline and southern provinces.  The Haradrim elect a mighty Chieftain and the Serpent Lord to lead their armies and Sauron sends his Orcs and Trolls in support.   The two forces meet at an oft fought battle ground where the river bordering their two nations can be crossed near its source.


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