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ASOBH is coming so have set out my terrain and created some Warbands.  Using the Set Editor mentioned on the SoBH yahoo group I have also created some Character Cards to go with the game, to be played using my Lord of the Rings Figures.

The Scenario:

An old mountain fortress sits upon a complex of caverns. Legend tells of an Ancient Lord who fell under the influence of Evil seeking immortality and was Cursed for his misdeeds. Within the holdfast are said to be paths to seems of rich ores and treasures unclaimed for centuries.  The Holdfast is said to be Haunted and no one has ever entered and escaped alive!

Now after all this time Dwarves have come to investigate the old mountain fortress. In fact two separate groups have come. The first is a Warband of proud Heavy Infantry following the orders of their King to seek out and explore the holdfast and ideally take control so that it can be claimed for the clan. The Second is a Company of Dwarven wanderers who are loyal to their Commander and are seeking the riches rumoured to lie within. Again if they could take control of the complex it would prove a useful base and resource for planned future expeditions.  Both groups are supported by Acolytes of the Dwarven gods inspired to drive away the foul Undead rumoured to be haunting the Holdfast and claim it for their folk.

A group of Goblins have also heard of the rich treasures and been sent or somehow driven to seek the mountain caverns for themselves.  Finally the complex is indeed Haunted by the once arrogant and vainglorious Human Lord who dwelt here in better times.  Driven to seek immortality through fear of ageing, death and his jealousy of the longer lives of Elves he became corrupted through carrying out living sacrifices and eventually lost his Soul.  Upon his death he was Cursed to Undeath and now with his Henchmen who joined him in his foul deeds in life he stalks the now dusty and silent Halls and Caverns of his Holdfast slaying the living beings he comes across.  His bitter hatred for Elves, Dwarves and Humans may lead him to tolerate the Goblins however whilst they serve his purposes at least.

This is a mini-campaign and four warbands are involved.  It can be played by two or four players.  The first scenario involves two straight forward battles between four 400 point warbands each in two pairs (either the Caverns or the Halls).  In the second scenario a means of connecting the two areas will become apparent.

IMG_6625 IMG_6592 IMG_6595 IMG_6593 IMG_6583 IMG_6585 IMG_6594 IMG_6584 IMG_6589 IMG_6614 IMG_6613 IMG_6586 IMG_6615 IMG_6603 IMG_6617 IMG_6602 IMG_6599 IMG_6619 IMG_6618 IMG_6616 IMG_6598 IMG_6587 IMG_6612 IMG_6608 IMG_6604 IMG_6605 IMG_6611 IMG_6607 IMG_6609 IMG_6610 IMG_6606 IMG_6600 IMG_6582 IMG_6620 IMG_6621 IMG_6624 IMG_6626 IMG_6623 IMG_6622 IMG_6596


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2 responses to “Preparing for Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes

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  1. This looks awesome! Two questions: I’m new to wargaming (ASBH being my first, and I’m loving it), and was wondering where you got that exceedingly cool dungeon terrain? Second, did you ever post any follow ups to this scenario? I’d love to see things like stats on the warbands, scenario rules, etc. Thanks again for posting this inspiring material?

    • Hi
      You can see the games in the subsequent blog posts (linked below). I see now I should have posted links to these in the original post subsequently. Thanks for reading my blog. The terrain I got from the Dwarvenforge Caverns kickstarter. I didn’t post the stats/ warbands because I did not want to put in spoilers or impinge on copyright too much for the new game. I quite often do but in this case I just referred to the rules. Would be okay now I guess as they are into the second KS campaign now. I did post some images of the cards though which is similar.
      Post One,


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