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Mike, Phil and Alex played further in their campaign against Darryl’s evil empire.  This time it was the incredibly difficult scenario with the dreaded terminals in the general’s secret base.  Mike and Phils as Jedi and smuggler headed north to the first room.  Luke skywalker headed east towards the other room supported by Alex as the sniper.  Each team destroyed the Probe droid in the way.  However the Nexu then came north up the western corridor towards the sniper.

In the northern room Mike opened the door and Phil entered heading towards the terminal guarded by a Nexu.  Meanwhile Luke raced back to take on the Nexu but missed completely !  The Nexu would take some killing but at least it missed skywalker on its turn whilst the sniper took shots at it as it retreated back down the corridor.  Eventually it was slain but it took a lot of valuable time and stress n the Sniper.

Back in the northern room Phil and Mike dealt with the Nexu.  Phil then attempted to decipher the terminal.  With two dice on eye attribute tests he thought he would do better than no successes at all!  Mike therefore had to deal with it wasting more precious time.  Phil then opened a crate and claimed a Bactra infusion he would later use to heal Mike’s Jedi.  The pair then headed towards the eastern room and tminal picking up another crate and a medikit en route.

Now heading towards the Southern door Luke was taking a lot of damage whilst The sniper kept in  cover behind.  They partially damaged a probe droid which  then healed itself but they did take out the e web engineer who simply respawned in the eastern route to bother Mike and Phil.  Luke opened the door quickly with his light sabre and Alex raced his sniper towards the terminal!  With three dice in his spanner attribute this should not be too hard he thought.  Six dice rolled later and only one success things were looking bad. Luke had to sacrifice himself to finish it off.  Luke was then defeated by the probe droid but at last there was only one terminal left.

The general in his walker had by now appeared in the central area cutting off the two groups from each other.  More probe droids, imperial storm troopers and Nexu were apppearing all over the place and harrying our heroes.  The jedi was sorely wounded but there was just ni time to heal her and so they staggered towards the final door.  Armed with only a blaster Phil’s smuggler found the door tough to open but eventually blasted an opening for Mike to head towards the red strength terminal.  Phil’s worst attribute with just one die so Darryl concentrated his fire on the Jedi.  Mike became wounded.  Disaster this reduced her strength attribute!  However using his Jedi forseight and defensive stance she became focused!

So ignoring all their foes Phil tried his luck on the final turn against the terminal.  No succcesses on either of his rolls.  It was all down now to the Jedi.  As Phil despaired Mike rolled trusting to the Force.  Two successes and the heroes had won with seconds to go.  Well done players.  Evil Darryl though gained influence as the players took so long to achieve their goals.

In the upgrade phase the Imperials bought some secret upgrades.  The Jedi bought a meditation skill and the sniper some expertise.  The smuggler saved her xp.  The players pooled their resources and bought the famed vibro axe for the jedi to go with the extended haft plus an imperial blaster rifle for the sniper.  The smuggler got nothing but had gained a better pistol last time round.

Next up the players will attempt the gain resources side mission.








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