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Darryl and Phil played War of the Ring, Second Edition, Lords and Warriors of Middle Earth.  Darryl chose to play as the Free Peoples of Middle Earth leaving Phil to play Evil.

Game started badly for Good when they were revealed just outside of Rivendell.  Witch king the Hunter appeared and dogged their heals all the way to Lorien.  Balrog appeared.  Saruman appeared.  Saruman used voice to muster an army worthy of Isengard.  Saruman attacked Rohan quickly.

Fellowship kept Corruption very low indeed.  Galadriel appeared.  Balrog marched towards Lorien and linked up with a force from Dol Guldur.  Learnt that spiders are no use in battle.  Elrond appeared.

Helm’s Deep fell and then Rohan was torn apart by Dunlendings and Warg Riders.  A mighty Gondor force was mustered and Men of North and Dwarves were soon ready for War.  A large force of Sauron’s Orcs mustered at Osgiliath but was held back by a large Gondor Force outside Minas Tirith.  So the Southrons and Corsairs were mustered and gathered at Umbar.

Lothlorien fell to a Balrog led attack.  It was incredibly close.  The Fellowship were at Lothlorien and found themselves closely hunted but still low on corruption.   The Southrons sailed to Pelargir and Dol Amroth which soon fell.

Now it was Rohan 3 VP and Lorien 2 VP plus 3 from Gondor.  With only two VP left to fall and stuck at Lothlorien the forces of Good called it a day.

This time it was the rapid mobilisation of Saruman and the Hunting prowess of the Witch King which won the day.  The Balrog appearing and having the card to activate and then attack Lorien sealed the forces of Good’s fate.  Finally the Corsairs had stored cards up all game for a rapid shipboard mobilisation to the South to grab those last quick 3VP whilst the Free Peoples were in disarray following the fall of Lorien and Helm’s Deep.


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