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Mike and Alex played as Waller and his Roundheads besieging Basing House in our made up scenario in the post below. Phil played as Prince Maurice and the Royalists attempting to relieve the defenders.



Prince Rupert’s Bluecoats prepare for battle.  The King’s Lifeguard of Foot to their right.  Aspley’s in Reserve.


Waller’s Horse on the Parliamentarian left flank


Earl of Northampton’s horse and dragoons.


The London Trained Band Regiment’s of Foot


Jehovah Provideth, a veteran unit of Tower Hamlet’s Trained Band


Prince Maurice’s Horse, all Well Mounted on the Finest steeds as befits Proud Gentlemen Cavaliers.

2018-04-14 21.26.35

2018-04-14 21.26.26

Maurice’s Horse having driven Waller’s from the field in a single charge pursue towards the table edge.  One Troop attempts to drive off the Tower Hamlet’s Trained Band but finds them too hard a nut to crack even before they form Hedgehog.

2018-04-14 20.45.36

Waller’s Horse on the left flank beside the Basing House dovecote (exact replica).

2018-04-14 20.43.57

Prince Maurice drives the Foot mercilessly towards the artillery despite falling into disorder.

2018-04-14 20.43.48

Northampton’s Horse prepare to charge the opposition.  Will they have as much success as Maurice’s Troopers?

2018-04-14 20.43.43

View from the Parliamentarian right flank and the Trained Bands holding back the Horse.

2018-04-14 20.43.33

Maurice’s Horse sweep past the Trained Band but little did they count on Captain Oakey’s Mounted Dragoons!

2018-04-14 21.43.03

Waller’s Horse pursue Northampton’s Horse past the Dragoons but one Troop and the wounded commander remain in the fight. They retire, rally and charge in a single bound to hold back the Parliamentarian left flank slightly.

Captain Oakey’s Dragoon’s manage to hold back a Troop Of Maurice’s Horse for the entire game.  Maurice’s Horse and Brigade commander pursue off table but return and charge into the rear of the Trained Band.  Despite double disorder and attacks from front, rank and rear they shrug this off and form hedgehog becoming nigh indestructible.

In the centre Maurice drives his disordered foot to take the guns but they are then routed by Haselrig’s Horse who have turned to face and charge.  Despite facing multiple turns of double firing from two Companies of the king’s Lifeguard of Foote they never have to test to save once before charging and putting the foot to flight before.  They turn to face Aspley’s held in reserve.  The Parliamentarian Foot and Horse gradually apply the pressure but everywhere the Roundheads refuse to give up despite losing Essex’s commanded shot and the Greycoats.

Finally as night falls the medals are counted.  A narrow victory for the Royalists mainly due to the amazing success on their left flank with Maurice’s Horse and their opening charge.  Though they were able to lift the siege and saving Basing House for now they were unable to seize the Siege Artillery and the Roundheads retire in good order back to their base to plot their next move.  Waller will be back!

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