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Bruce’s Scoundrel jointed Phil’s Spellweaver, Alex’s Tinkerer and Mike’s Cragheart.

They headed towards the Shrine of Strength.  On the way they met a man who needed some leaves.  Enough said about that.

Bravely they entered Shrine. This was set up a normal level for the group which was one so a reasonable challenge.    Blasting their way through the first and second room with Bruce leading the way supported by Phil’s healing it was soon time for Alex to open the doors to the north and south corridors.  Alex leapt bravely into the fray and was soon pulled into close quarters by the stone golem and pounded into exhaustion by two harrowers.  By the time Mike arrived there was no way to save him.  Phil and Bruce fared better in the other corridor but Phil had to use his cards to heal and blast the foes and found that he was too exhausted after reaching the pressure plate to be of further use.  Still that gave Mike time to finish off the enemies in his corridor and reach the final plate thus opening the final doors.  Then it was a matter of bruce distracting the last two golems whilst Mike opened the final chest and completed the dungeon.

This was helpful as our heroes were all able to level up.  A beneficial city event saw them purchase a curious gear from a vermlimg sewer merchant.  Mike purchased a fine ring of skulls which shall come in very useful at the next opportunity.  The heroes identified some curious runes in the shrine and using the key provided were able to decipher a cryptic message which might come in useful at some point but possibly not.

The next scenario will see our heroes pursue Jekserah to the necromancers lair!

Phil has swapped his cards around and is aiming to actually make it to the end this time.  Too many lost cards in his hand and both crackling air and aid from ether did not really work out at all.   However the summons definitely had a great game this time boosted no doubt by the stronger cards taken as perks over time.



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