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Saturday 12 January : Buffy   Leave a comment

Bruce introduced Phil, Alex, Mike and Darryl to his Legendary Buffy game.  Our first attempt ended rapidly in disaster against the Master.  Second time round we managed to scrape through to victory which was lots of fun.  We played co-cooperatively and 3 players ended up with 14 VP.  I think it would be tough as a none co-operative game.  I think it was very different to and perhaps better than the other Buffy game.  Again it is probably even more fun for Buffy fans like Bruce and Darryl with all the great photos on the cards.

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Painting update: Corsairs of Umber   Leave a comment

Current project is a Corsairs of Umbar Army led by the Fleetmaster himself.  I already have some Black Numenoreans and have an assassin from my Harad force but have never got round to collecting Corsairs before.  So I purchased a plastic box set with the Fleetmaster and 3 arbelestiers to join them.  As usual when I wanted a Bosun and Captain they were out of stock.

For colour scheme I have chosen to go with dark muted colours.  All black seemed too bland especially with my Nazgul and Numenoreans so I wanted something similar.  I definitely wanted a look like those in the films rather than the gaudy pirates I have sometimes seen done.  After all this is Lord of the Rings not pirates of the caribbean.  If I want bright coloured pirates I can paint up my Conan figures.  Any way I have chosen black base coat and then highlighted with dark grey, dark grey-blue and dark blue.  I have done dark brown for the leather.  I might add some lighter leather too as per the images from the films.  I will use the same for the Fleetmaster but he can have some dark red reminiscent of Harad (read his profile).  So far I have done block colours and applied flesh wash to talarn flesh areas.  For the bases I changed my mind away from planks and have gone for seaborne raiders landing on slightly sandy grasslands/ shores ready to fight Gondor.  So I have chosen graveyard earth with a light dry brush of bone white.  I will apply grass and some tufts later.  Maybe more vigorous greener grass than the wastelands though.


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Painting update Lake Town Houses   Leave a comment

Grey for roof,  Light brown and Bone white for nets.  Various browns.  Dark Army painter wash watered down liberally applied.  Reapplied base colours.  Lighter greys dry/ wet brushed to roof.

Tin bitz or gunbolt metal for lanterns.  Black or yellow to glass of lanterns.  Red, Green or Blue applied to coloured areas of wooden buildings including signs.  Then a red, green or blue wash applied.  Finally in order to give the effect of aged wood, peeling paint the base colour brown was dry/ wet brushed over the wood areas.  Quite effective compared to the original neatly painted originals in giving that aged, slightly neglected, run down Lake Town look as opposed to neat Swiss chalet cottages.

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