Sellswords and Spellslingers   1 comment

Campaign: The Mysterious Tower

Scenario:  Traps!

Crypts and Tombs raided within the City and surrounding Isles.  Tales of ancient cemeteries emptied of their corpses in the night.  Ships with cargo from Corsair crewed ships arriving in port to be disembarked and then disappearing in the night before clearing customs or even entering the main city gates.  Dusty Barrels that rattle as dark faced crew carry them off the ships then sail away without waiting to be paid.  What lies behind these mysterious events?

Our Heroes have been investigating and have entered a cave network that begins near the sandy coves to the South of the City.  Hired by the City Council they set out to enter these dark caverns only to find a secret chamber through a flooded cave leading out to the Sea hidden behind a waterfall.  Signs of habitation are noted including a walkway across an underground river.  It seems the barrels are being unloaded here but where are they being taken?  Who is doing the work and where are they now?

Dramatis Personae

Phil:  Tripper the Wizard and his Assistant, Guard Crusher

Mike: Bowstring the Archer and Whisper the Shield Warrior

Alex: Lord Ryewood the Elven Knight and his Squire Jeff

Darryl:  The Un-named Thief and  The Alchemist


The Dimly lit cavern with the Underground Lake and wooden foot bridge.

Lord Ryewood falls under the massive blows from the Trolls Heavy Club. Nearby the Wizard fights in desperate melee.

Bowstring and Whisper clear the way for the Alchemist. He prepares his flaming oil ready to hurl it across the Lake.

Our Heroes cross the battlefield heading towards the secret door fighting their way through hordes of Orcs and Orc Brutes .  Lord Ryewood has recovered somewhat and Crusher has been healed by Tripper having been knocked down by an Orc Brute earlier.  Tripper had lost his magical energies so could only do this through the use of Blood Magic.

This was a tough scenario for the team.  Possibly caused by the initial deployment with the party split and the monsters too close, especially the Troll.

Nevertheless they picked up some useful treasure and have readied themselves at the Sewer located Underground Tavern before pushing on to the Tower.



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  1. Nice report, and I love that fantastic board!

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