Catchup: Waterdeep, Mythic Battles and Battlestar Galactica   Leave a comment

We played a few games over the last few weeks.

Lords of Waterdeep was fun, with all the expansions.  Alex liked the corruption too much and lost many from this VP at the end.  Mike and Michael did quite well but Phil came first thanks to his secret Lord who gained lots of VP per Piety quest he had amassed.

Mythic Battles was next with Phil and Darryl learning the rules and playing out the first campaign.  Phil won the first scenario but regretted finishing too quickly and not releasing his monsters who turned up weakened for the second scenario. This allowed Darryl to grab the most gems and so honours are even at 5 each going into the final.

This week Phil, Alex, Mike, Bruce, Michael and Darryl played Battle Star Galactica Daybreak with the search for earth and home.  The players made it to 7 distance at the sleeper phase when the mutineer arrived and was given to Darryl.  However Mike and Darryl had in fact been Cylons from the start.  Our heroes jumped out of a big battle straight into another it seemed.   Mike declared as a Cylon at this point.

Phil’s Lee Adama held off hundreds of attacks in his Assault Raptor but in the end the journey home proved too costly in terms of fuel.  The President even chose to spend fuel at one point early on.  The Mutineer took the Admiral card right before the jump and spent even more fuel.  Down to 1.  Then Phil turned over a card that allowed the admiral to choose to spend fuel or not.  Of course Admiral Darryl chose to burn that final fuel and our human players had lost.  No one had even spent a miracle token as it turned sour so fast.  Well done Mike and Darryl.

Next time we might try to tackle Caprica again.  Obviously the humans will lose once more!

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