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So Bruce hosted another game of doctor who for Phil Alex Mike and DARRYL. Everything seemed to be going well until Phil drew a time anomaly . This then led to a chain of more and blocked off the red dice, thus making it impossible to clear any time anomalies until they were freed. As soon as they were freed the green dice got locked. Also a player failed at the all important move the dalek ship back or remove Dalek quest thus blocking that off. Plus everyone kept being forced to regenerate thus losing their companions and the dalek ship began to move faster. So before three or four turns were through everyone lost due to three dalek on earth and the dalek ship reaching the final space.

Next we played Wizard the card game. It was quite close except for Alex but Mike held onto his lead throughout to claim a steady victory.

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Gloomhaven Doom Trench plus two other scenarios   Leave a comment

So Phil Alex and Darryl took on the Doom Trench bringing along Mike’s Cragheart too. They played as Beast Tyrant , Tinkerer and first time out for the Bard character.

The heroes raced for the exit . The Cragheart threw a well placed boulder at the clumped monsters but blocked the route slightly as a result. Mikes skeleton got left behind but the bear was able to keep up whilst the characters opened the doors . Cragheart bravely stepped into the T junction room whilst the Tinkerer raced for the chest .

Making short work of the obstacles they then forced their way into the final room with the Beast Tyrant swapping places with one of the final monsters so they easily made it intact and un exhausted to the exit.

This one went okay , the biggest challenge being that the Bard was first time out. So we worried about exhaustion before reaching the exit. DARRYL found it hard to get the right combinations together but honed his tactics for the follow on scenario.

The heroes continued along the trench until they reached the lair of the evil eye . They cleared the first corridor and burst into the room. They were able to deal with the guards but the Boss just summoned more. The Tinkerer grabbed the first chest and the Beast Tyrant managed to swap places with a monster and just reached the second before the Tinkerer got that too. He earnt some money which he later used to purchase the robe of summoning as the Tinkerer preferred his coat of many pockets any way.

Meanwhile the bear and the Cragheart were fighting away at the guards and the evil eye plus his new summons. Even the Bard closed in and thus surrounding the Boss managed to restrict his summons options. Everyone took a lot of damage from the area effects. With cries of take it down , rather than healing or resting the party tore into the Boss and managed to end the corruption.

Two games of Gloomhaven in one evening! Quite a success. Now with good reputation too the heroes planned their next journey into the Slave Pens.

This next time we played Mike turned up for real. Clearly using different tactics when in person. More cautious and ranged focused perhaps and definitely not as interested in throwing the terrain pieces around.

Anyway our heroes bravely raced into the slave pens. This was important as they needed to escort the suicidal NPC who would otherwise run ahead opening doors and getting attacked with only a few hit points. Fortunately they were able to keep the momentum going forwards though it meant exposing the Tinkerer and Bard to risk whilst the Bear dealt with a stone golem they had to leave behind. Taking heavy damage but using crowd control and summoning the skeleton in the central room they were able to either block off the NPC or keep him safe by distracting the monsters to attack the players. Finally they reached the final corridor. This time the Beast Tyrant swapped places with the NPC sending him back to the first room and out of danger. Unfortunately he would run fast back because of the Bards song so they did not have time to waste. The Tinkerer and the Beast Tyrant then did just that whilst the others cleared the corridor. They both raced for the treasure chest with Beast getting there first but Tinkerer playing a loot card and thus grabbing it first.

Then it was time for the final room. This was a hard one especially for the bar who took multiple attacks and was left out on his own for awhile. This meant the Beast Tyrant had to lose cards to keep the bear going long enough for a heal. Fortunately however this was long enough for the team to take down the final monsters and make the area safe for the rapidly approaching NPC.

This time the Bard was incredibly useful controlling the monsters, speeding up the party or adding powerful retribution effects to the heroes and especially worked well with the bear. Also nice to see out where the rolling modifier cards such as muddle from the Tinkerer .

Finally our heroes returned to base and the Tinkerer used his mighty haul of coins to upgrade some of his cards for the first time as well.

The Beast Tyrant unlocked his personal quest and the heroes now have lots of opportunities to quest ahead. Do they help with the personal quest, do they take on the two treasure map chest scenarios they have discovered or do they go on and work towards ending the corruption. Or they could help the NPC with his side quest or they could head back and investigate the gloom and the undead menace or look into this dragon or drake clue path more. What to do! ?

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