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Gloomhaven Tinkerer Solo Quest   Leave a comment

Completed this on second attempt.  Very close.  Needed to use boots of extra movement to close the distance and take out the 2 shaman very quickly before they could add curses.  Used a decoy at the end to draw attacks away from the guards.  Survived 2 cards for a long rest on the final turn with just one city guard remaining.  Super tough and super close.  Some luck helped.

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Gloomhaven Tribal Assault   Leave a comment

Well we had fun (Phil (Beast Tyrant), Mike (Cragheart), Alex (Tinkerer) and Darryl (Soothsinger)) helping Redthorn in his Tribal Assault.  This was very challenging with a new mechanic of an attacking ally.  At one point the Soothsinger ran in a tough room and went invisible to rescue a captive (which was great) but then the team could not reach him in time before he took heavy (2x drawn) hits from the archers despite having muddle on some opponents and lots of curses (8 at one point) in the monster deck.  Slight error by me did not help as I reshuffled the deck when adding a curse by mistake.  So he lost two discard cards and worried he would not reach the end of the scenario before exhaustion.  Also Redthorn (by now super powerful in attack but still able to draw null cards) only just survived thanks to a shield from a Song due to the archers and the shaman hitting hard as he rushed ahead of the bear who had been dealing with the last guard in another room.   Phil beat his record for just drawing null cards over and over.

However Mike’s Cragheart rushed into the last room, protecting and rescuing the last 2 captives unscathed.  Brilliant.  Thus allowing the Bear and the Tinkerer to deal with the final foes and the team were able to claim victory, a little gold as the lost monster dropped thanks to the wounding Song and the Soothsinger did indeed survive to the end with one move left on a long rest.

This unlocked a nice box.  So we have unlocked now Angry Face and Sun (as well as having Scoundrel in play and Brute unused).

The team reviewed the situation with remaining open quests.  The Tinkerer wants to quest in the Lingering Swamp (personal goal almost done).  In order to reach there the only clue we have is to 19.  So following that clue means we need to go to 5 next and hopefully that will open a way to 19 and completion of his personal quest.

I also added the new cards from the two unlocked above to the respective decks.


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Fallout   Leave a comment

We played the co-operative version of this game.  It was a refreshing change and the victory conditions seemed to make more sense.  Eventually the team were able to find the Super Mutant Camp and attack with Phil’s super mutant thus amassing enough VP for the win by completing a quest line.   This was neatly set up by Darryl and Mike solving quests on the way too.  Alex had a good start but then unfortunately activated a radio and then effectively ended up lost in space so it was not such a great game for him struggling with difficult tests off planet.

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Star Wars Outer Rim   Leave a comment

We had a good game of this with Phil, Alex, Mike and Darryl.

So Darryl had the bounty hunter and got some good gear.  Mike focused on the Reptile merc and used his ability to attack other players (mainly Phil) to good effect.  Alex played as Han Solo.  He ended up racing about the galaxy but got stuck at one point being defeated on a job until he could get it done despite having the right skills.  Phil had a blast with IG 88 the Assasin Droid.  Eventually he was able to pull ahead with the Millenium Falcon and Chewbacca’s help.  This proved very useful.  Mike felt frustrated he was not able to pull IG 88 back. After his initial assault IG 88 had to purchase better gear, armour, crew and a better ship with Mods in order to effectively defend himself.  So a victory for IG 88.

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