Sunday 13 September: Rangers of Shadowdeep   Leave a comment

The adventure continues. Scenario Two: Orcs defending a bridge and an Orc Camp.

Our heroes need to cross the river and exit from the other side. They can investigate the camp on the way. They can use stealth and cover to avoid the Orcs until the alarm is raised. Cover blocks line of sight in this scenario where possible- our heroes crouching and being stealthy until the alarm is raised.

Link stealthily headed right supported by Gwalchmai. Panther went left whilst the others kept to cover. Link’s stealth caused the archers to look towards the river rather than the see our heroes.

Gwalchmai used his teleport spell to cross the river and hide behind the ruin. Meanwhile the Orcs clearly suspecting some activity (randomly) headed towards the ford where Link, Birdo the Man at Arms and Bobby the Recruit were all heading. Panther headed far left and the heavily wounded Swordsman kept to cover in the now clear central route.

Link raised the alarm by attacking but failing to subdue the Orc Sergeant who dealt him 9 damage with a blow from his two handed sword.

Gwalchmai grabbed the treasure secretly but then found himself in the open as the alarm was raised by the Sergeant. Two orcs rushed at Gwalchmai. A bitter battle near the ford ensued with both Bobby and Birdo falling in the fight against the sergeant. Panther pushed an orc archer into the fast flowing river: but he held his footing and shot an arrow killing the big cat.

In the end though Link with Swordsman’s aid was able to defeat the sergeant and evade the orcs to cross the ford to the camp where he and Gwalchmai found a book of poems. Then under a hail of arrows the three heroes escaped. Under cover of darkness Birdo and Bobby joined them, but the evil vulture had surely spotted them. They bound their wounds successfully and rejoined the resting War Dog of Link and headed towards an evil looking tower.

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