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Preparing for a To The Strongest Miniatures Battle to be played online live with miniatures and table top simulator.

The Battle of Lindismere. It is the 9th century and the Kingdom of Bernicia is buckling under pressure from the Vikings and the Scots. Attacked from the South by the Great Heathen Army from Jorvik the Kingdom of Northumbria has fallen but Bernicia still holds strong. Now a force of Scots and Norsemen come from the North. The two armies stumble across each other in the mist. Near the Lindismere marshlands and forests they are forced together meeting in a narrow hill valley.

Can the Christians prevail over the Heathen Vikings and their Scots allies? King Ecgberht stands ready to defend the cross as the enemy emerge from the mist.

The camera’s view from the end of the table for live streaming of the action.
The set up of the table. Recently moved the PC to the table as not so much space in the games room. For other battles would probably need to move it off the table to allow more deployment space.

Posted March 6, 2021 by wargamesdiary in Miniatures

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