Ambush in Ithilien part two   Leave a comment

Faramir and his rangers lie in wait. They unleash hurting the beasts but not stampeding them. So on the second round of shooting they aim for the beast masters using heroic accuracy when possible. The Northern master falls first but the southern one takes many hits before a shot can get past his armour. The Northern beast thus becomes harder to handle and duly stampedes into the other who takes three wounds and turns around to stampede into the first!
The Mumakil get moving again. Now without a captain on either beast they still resist the dwindling fire from the rangers. The Haradrim escort have got into the woods at either side and either inflicted casualties or drawn the rangers into combat. Also the hides of the beasts are tough and the heroes are becoming low on might. All except the single hero who gets a free archery might point per turn.

The Haradrim archers begin to find their targets, no longer protected by stalk unseen after turn three. Still the rangers are in cover and the Haradrim of course cannot fire from a stampeding beast. So it is hard to hit the rangers but with several on each beast any that are targeted are at risk. Now the casualties on the good side begin to mount from sustained fire and combat to their flanks as they try to concentrate their archery fire on the beasts.

Which is what happens again. Just as it looked like the beasts might get off the table one stampeded into the other inflicting three wounds causing the other to turn and return the favour. Finally one took its final wound causing all but one of its crew to die from falling damage.

Gollum helped by holding off the Haradrim whilst Sam hid behind a rock and Frodo put on the Ring when it looked like the spearman were closing in on him.

With just moments left and very much aided by the free point of might to get a successful wound roll Good finally managed to take out the last Mumakil for the win.

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