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Bruce came round and we played through three scenarios from the new scenario book for the MESBG. Campaign Two. Mainly because we wanted to use Elves and Beornings for the Good Team after the hobbits had such a hard time previously. Also because I am behind in painting up the crazy new Easterling figures from GW which are needed for Campaign 1.

These scenarios track the endeavours of Razgush (my team) as he attempts to stop the Elves of Mirkwood from sending aid to their allies in the other campaigns.

First Scenario the Escape of Gollum.

Gollum is being held prisoner by the Elves of Mirkwood. A party of rangers are attacked by Orcs and Gollum sees his chance to get away!

The Green Wood invaded by Orcs and Wargs.
The Rangers of Mirkwood. Their initial shooting turn was very poor allowing Evil to close quickly with the Orc Captain using Heroic March.
The remaining Rangers close around Gollum as the orcs attack supported by Spears.


Seeing things are going badly one Elf stays in reserve and attacks Gollum! The Rangers have Knife Fighting so can fend off foes if outnumbered. Also the Elf Captain proves unstoppable with his high Fight skill. The Wargs in particular prove easy to kill.
Gollum takes his chance and flees as the Rangers fall becoming outnumbered. However they soon despatch some of their foes and take up the chase.
Now the Orcs are outnumbered but Gollum has escaped in the confusion!

Gollum escaped. Victory for Evil. Very close scenario.

Second Scenario: Denizens of Evil.

The Dark Denizens of the Mirkwood. Orcs on a hunting party set out to subdue them. Who will prevail!?
Razgush leads his Orcs forward into the dark terrifying woods. They are terrified.
Wargs are proxied as Giant Spiders for this scenario. Razgush has attempted to subdue the Queen but she is too strong, his Orcs are too scared to charge (red failed courage markers) and his Fight skill is reduced by the annoying bats.
The Giant Spiders surround the Orcs as Razgush himself is defeated by the Spider Queen.


Razgush and his cowardly orcs become spider food. Victory for Good. Not that close. Evil could hardly charge the Terror causing Spiders never mind get a hit on the Queen.

Third Scenario: The Attack on the Beornings.

The evil Orcs have attacked a group of Beornings mustering in a clearing. Grimbeorn however is enraged by this and races to the rescue.

The Beornings gather at the meeting place and the Orcs emerge from the woods. Proxies again as mine are on the painting bench!
The Orcs charge into the fray. Not quite realising just how powerful these Beornings are! Initially they make headway but the Beornings are Burly and hit hard with a good Fight skill and Strength, plus Two Hits!
Grimbeorn arrives on the Second Turn rolling a Six! Just as the Beornings looked like they were going to be surrounded and destroyed.
Grimbeorn tears through the Orcs and the remaining Beornings just manage to hang on long enough to claim Victory!

Outcome: A close scenario. Evil managed to get Good down to 4 Beornings with 1 wound each but the Bear form Grimbeorn literally wiped the floor with them before they could achieve the final kill. Victory for Good.

Review: Fantastic fun. Great scenarios with lots of theme and mainly well balanced. Recommended. Next time the Elves of Mirkwood come out to fight Razgush and his army.

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