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Managed to get 4 players together to start Frosthaven . Such a great game , but tough.

First scenario to introduce every one to the mechanics. Went well enough. Blade spear and Blink blade led the way and we stormed through . Drifter took awhile to get ready . Bladespear finished off the monsters . Blink blade found the new fast and slow concept very tricky and got beat up but was okay . We got the chest and moved on .

Second scenario was much longer and tougher . We ran into trouble getting through the door as the big guys could not reach if and the summons cannot open doors . So blink blade went in and got slaughtered by the archers and the guards . The summoner tried to move up and help but got mauled by a guard . Finally the Drifter moved in and clearly had his cards ready . Moving through the archers and guards he cleared the way. Blade spear then followed with summoner behind . However the Blinkblade had fallen exhausted .

Still with the initial shock dealt with the party were able to rescue two guards and win the scenario.

So the Drifter seemed to be the main player this time whereas the first scenario it was the blade spear . However we did really rely on the blink blade a lot to open the way and he does not have the stamina of the tricks of the old scoundrel to take a room on first . So we will need to rethink . The drifter had definitely got his card system working well which was good to see . Blade spear too got his summons out and played some nice attacks as a result . Blink blade mechanics look really tough to master but hopefully worth it on the end , Summoner is fun with lots of skeletons and a wraith to play with but takes a bit of time to get set up and is vulnerable to lucky hits taking out her minions at the wrong time in the card cycle !

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Demons of the Abyss   Leave a comment

Mantic Games Demons painted with CitadelColour contrast paints.

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