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Saga age of Magic   Leave a comment

Created lists for Age of Magic. Really nice fantasy twist on the Saga rules.

First up the dwarves attempt to seize their ruined home from the Demons of the Underworld amidst the spewing lava rivers and fallen towers.

They have a Cave Drake!

The battle boards gave lots of nice twists. Especially for the demons. The flying demon lord and his hearth guard swooped down upon the unsuspecting dwarf artillery war machines. Meanwhile the dwarves on the far flank held back the creatures and defeated the Behemoth.

However they could not get passed the creatures who played Dopplegangers and in the confusion escaped destruction. The Dwarf Lord and his mounted hearth guard charged but were held back. The hearth guard were destroyed. The infantry guard rushed to his aid and were destroyed.

The dwarf lord in turn held back the demon lord and destroyed his hearth guard but was left isolated and exhausted! Victory was thus awarded to the Demons who forced the Dwarves back over the Lava river bridge in disarray.

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Frosthaven   Leave a comment

More Frosthaven with the big battle of the chiefs. Our heroes made their way through the corridor but everyone fell asleep the first turn except Bruce who then took the brunt of the enemies attacks on turn two and three. Eventually the corridor was cleared and with Brice nearly exhausted the Blinkblade entered the main room followed by the Necromancer.

This was quite tricky but the Blinkblade pushed enemy A towards enemy B who smashed into them. In the nick of time our heroes defeated enemy B before he could slay A . Meanwhile Blinkblade found the treasure chest and had a rest on it.

Back in town we met some elite Frostguard and built up the town palisade.

This was a fairly good scenario unless you were Bruce .

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