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Gimli on a dead Uruk Hai   Leave a comment

Gimli sitting pretty on a dead Uruk hai

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Painting update   Leave a comment

Women warriors we bought at salute from bad squiddo games.

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Metal Mordor Orc archers   Leave a comment

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Gimli on Dead Uruk Hai   Leave a comment

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Metal Mordor Orcs   Leave a comment

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Frosthaven solo   Leave a comment

Our heroes raced to the exit pursued by wolves through the trench.

Turned out to be a solo game as non one showed up !

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Scenario Two the Clash of Hosts   Leave a comment

This was the biggest battle e and Bruce had ever fought with 1200 points apiece. It was hard fought and aggressive with the scenario rule which forced any melee characters to charge if they could.

Good deployed first in a line with Dale on each flank, king on the left, prince on the right with the Knights. The easterlings deployed also in a long line but left space on their left flank . They deployed archers to each flank and also the rhunish war drakes, in the centre right the cataphracts were to lead the advance and centre left the infantry followed by the Emperor’s Palenquin.

The dwarves held the centre whilst the men turned on each flank aiming to catch the easterlings in a vice.

The lines thus clashed. The king of dale held his courage and charged a war drake and Rutabi’s Phalanx. This time they were both aided by a banner and the easterling war priest had successfully cast a channeled Fury.

On the easterling left flank the Knights of Dale had turned their flank . This meant that troops had to be diverted left with dragon knight whilst the centre had no choice but to advance towards the dwarves holding the centre. This created a gap into which the Palenquin had to advance in the centre left right into the firing line of six dwarven crossbow men. Fortunately for him they rolled six misses in the image above !

On the easterling right flank King Brand was wounded and envenomed by the Drake but began to push it back. However his Men fell before the blade of Rutabi . The cataphracts fared badly even charging against the Danish archers.

In the centre left the Palenquin forced back the dwarven crossbowmen who had charged forward but only killed one dwarf despite calling heroic strength.

Back on the right flank the Men of Dale are struggling.

In the dwarven centre the King is under no threat Ashe dispatches easterlings one at a time each turn.

The dwarven Prince also clears all who try to face him but again has little impact even losing somehow the turn he tried a heroic combat !

On the easterling left flank the dragon knight faces towards the Prince of Dale.

King Brand is becoming isolated as his Men fall.

The dwarf king stands resolute and unharmed.

Aided by enchanted blades from his conjured who called a heroic move successfully pulls off a heroic combat and begins to encircle the dwarves.

At this point the casualties were mounting heavily on the Men of Dale. Rutabi closed in on King Brand and due to the Drake poison was able to defeat him. The Men of Dale and the dwarves had taken far too many casualties now and so the battle was over .

Victory to the Easterlings!

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Scenario One the ford.   Leave a comment

The warriors of dale marched toward the ford. Fearing the scenario time limit the easterlings heroic marched at the double towards the ford. The cavalry pushed forward onto the ford but lost priority and the heroic move dice off . This meant that King Brand and his host could charge forward and defend the crossing against them and cancel their charge.

Meanwhile the dragon priest failed to cast his Channelled Fury spell. The easterling archers however fared well against the opposing archers keeping the advancing infantry and cavalry safe.

The archers of dale fared badly even with their strengthened bows.

The forces clashed and the cataphracts took heavy casualties. Next turn however the infantry pushed forward through any gaps where the cavalry , once again unable to charge had been slain.

Once Rutabi the easterling general got into the fray it was hard for the men of dale to hold out. King Brand fell to the dark blade of the easterling champion and the battle was done.

Victory to the easterling forces who crossed the river as Brand and his men retreated towards Erebor.

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Osgiliath veterans   Leave a comment

These hardy defenders of Osgiliath have taken to wearing Ranger cloaks in the long battle for Ithilien.

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The Emperor on his Palenquin   Leave a comment

The war palenquin based ready for the forthcoming battle report, clash of hosts, part of the defence of the North campaign.

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