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Saturday 28th December: The Hobbit (LoTR) SBG   3 comments

Mike and Andy played as the Good guys leading Thorin’s Company into the Halls of the Mountain Kings. Darryl and Bruce led the Evil side with Moria Goblins and Goblin Town.

The Halls of the Mountain Kings

The Halls of the Mountain Kings

More images can be seen here:

The Scenario

Thorin’s company have escaped Azog’s clutches for now but must traverse the mountain to cross the Misty Mountains. Fortunately there is a clear road and a bridge across the chasm that easily will get them quickly onto Mirkwood. Balin even has a map and knows a secret door on the Eastern side that will get them through quietly.
Unfortunately the bridge has collapsed and to make matters worse two tribes of Goblins have made their home in the now ruined mountain halls. Durburz and his Moria Goblins hold the Gatehouse. The Goblin King in uneasy alliance with his brethren holds the rickety ramparts across the chasm and has turned the room with the secret door into his treasury; unaware of course that it is a handy passageway to any dwarven loremaster who should head this way.
Seeing the situation with Goblins on the ramparts and the gates guarded Thorin’s Company with the aid of Gwahir and the Eagles realise that a two or three pronged attack is necessary in order to cause a diversion and sow confusion. Again Balin’s map shows two alternate routes; a Northern postern gate to the cellar and a southern door (now broken) to the South leading from the ramparts.
The Eagles can be used to distract the rampart goblins and carry dwarves onto the ramparts. They of course cannot enter the Dwarven Halls. There is no real need to fight with the Eagles and rampart Goblins as each will play no further part in the scenario.
Though the bridge cannot be used until the draw bridge is released which must be done from the chasm side an unstable pillar can easily be brought down by a skilled member of Thorin’s company hurling a missile or rope to furnish an alternate route to reach the controls or the other side of the chasm.
The Dwarves must enter the Gatehouse by two different routes. Failure to do so will allow Durburz to realise his ally is under attack and the Moria Goblins will enter the Eastern chasm and the walk ways. However if both routes are used Durburz and the Goblin Town Horde will think each is attacking the other and with the Eagles also in flight to the West no Goblins will leave the Gatehouse Halls.
Any dwarf (or companion), or the Goblin King who falls from a rampart will take 1 wound and end up in the cavernous part. If Bilbo falls he loses 1 turn but is then rewarded with the One Ring.
If the Dwarves visit the Grotto: One companion may rest in contemplation at the hidden grotto for one turn and retrieve all their will and fate points.
The Goblin King is convinced the dwarves are after his treasure and will not leave the long rampart or his throne room.

AAR:  How it turned out.

The two sides were roughly the same at 1000 points but splitting Thorin’s Company made it hard for the Good team as some are weaker than others and they act synergistically at times with their special abilities.  To balance this the Umpire (Phil) allowed them an element of surprise and not all the rules for defending strongholds were used to better represent the rapid progress of the Heroes through Goblin Town as seen in the Hobbit film.

The Dwarves led their forces North via the ramparts with the aid of the Eagles and South into the cellar led by Thorin and Gandalf respectively.

Gandalf’s force burst through into the cellar and rapidly killed the Shaman.  Hearing the sounds of battle Durburz led his forces into the attack from the Feasting Hall but found Dwalin too strong a defender in the doorway.  As Gandalf and his party fled up the stairs and into Goblin Town Durburz could hear the sounds of alarm from the Drums in the Deep and therefore did not pursue but headed back to investigate.

Meanwhile Thorin and his dwarves had burst through into the main gatehouse and found to their horror a Cave Troll and a group of Goblins.  The Goblins proved no match for heroes but the Cave Troll was another matter.  Barging Dori out of the way the Troll wounded Nori.  However he was then cruelly surrounded and slain.  This all took time and effort however and in the confusion Dori was seriously wounded (killed or otherwise out of action).  With the Drums in the Deep surrounded Thorin found his entry towards the main crossing into Goblin Town very difficult and with Durburz and his spearmen attacking from his western flank.  However when Durburz was killed in combat against Thorin and the Drums silenced the way was clear; but at heavy cost for Kili was now out of action too.  Charging bravely down the fallen pillar into Goblin Town poor Kili was surrounded by the Chitterning Horde of Goblins and also out of action.  It took Thorin himself leading the way to force his way off the narrow pillar and into the Town proper.

Gandalf and his party with the benefit of surprise was able to take out the Goblin Town guards defending the entrance route from the cellar but their Tiny Captain got away!   Raising the alarm more Goblins were soon arriving from the deep (Scribe) and the way to the exit was defended by Grinnah and his forces.  Also hearing the commotion the King had stirred from his slumbers to defend the ladders leading to the high walkway and the exit.

The Goblins proved terrified of Gandalf’s bright aura (spell) and were held off at the rear.  Gloin and Dwalin crashed through Grinnah’s and Tiny’s forces and onto the central area.  As they did so Thorin’s forces also broke through but sadly Bofur had fallen;  surrounded and dragged down by the chittering horde.   With the Scribe dispatched Gloin and Thorin ascended the steps supported by Bifur and Nori.  Without his Goblin Guards the King was surrounded.  His Blubbery Hide proved no defence against Thorin wielding the mighty Orcrist (Goblin Slayer) and the King was eventually trapped and killed.  With the way to safety now clear and with their force broken and leaderless Thorin’s Company was able to make it to the secret door and out of the Halls.  However Four Dwarves had been badly wounded in the strife (Kili, Fili, Dori and Bofur).  Well done the players as it was a lot of fun with some memorable moments.  Thorin’s first to wound rolls against the Goblin King with three 1’s rolled; Gandalf’s inability to dispatch a fallen Goblin; The Cave Troll using the Barge Rules to stroke at Nori unexpectedly; the fall of Bofur and the mighty duels with Thorin against Durburz and then the Goblin King himself.

More images can be seen here:

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Saturday 14th December: Xmas games   Leave a comment

Annual Christmas games night. Phil, Mike, Izzy, Andy, Bruce and Darryl.

First up two games of Escape from the Temple, followed by a game of French Revolution execution card game. Then some excellent games of Tarantula Tango card game and finally some failed attempts at Fire Rescue. Lots of fun indeed. Thanks to Mike for bringing them along.

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