Saturday 15th March: Battlelore Second Edition   Leave a comment

Our first game at new Battlelore Second edition which lends it self nicely to miniatures play using my LoTR figures!

Mike, Darryl (Red) and Phil (Blue) played two games to learn the rules and the differences between the First and Second editions.

In the first game the Blue Team gained an advantage when the Roc arrived on the left flank.  The imposing Chaos Lord held the centre ground for the Red Team but a lucky cavalry charge on the left flank wiped out the Red cavalry thus securing those two vital VP markers.  The Roc being able to attack and then move proved very helpful on that flank.

The Red team tried again and set up slightly differently declining the Blue right flank completely.  This time they denied the Blue Team their extra VP for the centre ground.  However they proved unable to take and hold those two left VP markers and when the Roc and the Cavalry counter-attacked they lost control of the markers.  A Red attack in the centre by the obscenes petered out because they proved vulnerable to the blue cavalry (no counter) who luckily had two Cavalry charge cards.  The Chaos Lord was too slow to get into the action and the Blue Team just managed two reach 16VP first despite losing the Roc to the poisoned arrows of the Viper Legion.

This is certainly a different game to Battlelore.  The retreats directly away from attacks and the support and counter rules all make a big difference.  Trying to support units and avoid being pushed back onto impassable terrain is very challenging if not impossible with so much unpredictable movement.  On the whole I enjoyed it but I think it will take more time to learn, especially when using the Red Team .  Their movement being slower and with less defensive options makes them vulnerable, especially to the Blue Cavalry with their Vigilant (no counter) ability.  However when they attack they are more deadly and if the Chaos Lord can be brought into battle then they are stronger.

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