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Flashing Steel Scenario


The Village of Muchputup-on-the-Wold

A pleasant rural village in the Gloucestershire countryside has been raided by a rough group of Parliamentarian soldiers, mainly Dragoons out on patrol. Tasked with gathering supplies they have settled in the tavern and appropriated the villager’s resources in exchange for promissory notes. These are obviously considered worthless by the poor villagers who have been soundly beaten into submission should they voice any objection.

Worse still the Dragoons have with them the fiery Protestant preacher Bernard Bostlethwaite who senses the taint of Popery about the Church (far too high Anglican for his tastes) and is threatening the locals with hellfire and damnation in the village square.   He has even placed the poor vicar in the stocks!

Sojourning in the Tavern is the famous Parliamentarian Grandee the Earl of Stilton with his Red Guards. The former is rightly respected as a fearsome soldier but the latter appear to have a reputation for poltroonery and wearing clean uniforms whilst defending the baggage train.

The local physician is setting some broken bones whilst the Dragoons sample the Tavern’s wares at the Inn and Stilton beats them at cards.   Meanwhile some brave lads have alerted the King’s soldiers to come to their aid. Seeing an opportunity to strike at the Parliamentarians and perhaps earn some much needed supplies in return Captain Reynolds has graciously agreed to intervene. On the way he happens upon a stroke of luck! No less than the King’s own three most loyal Cavaliers from his very ownLifeguard are out “on patrol” and agree to assist in his endeavours. Somehow the mere mention of an Inn-keeper being distressed by the dastardly Parliamentarian Dragoons being enough to convince Sir Richard to join forces (and Sir Adam has unfinished business with Stilton).


The Forces


Dragoons (Highwaymen) and the Earl of Stilton (Guards)


The Royalist Soldiers (Military) and the Cavaliers



First Scenario

The Dragoons wish to hold the village. The Royalists wish to capture it. Stilton will stop at nothing to see Sir Adam dead and the feeling is mutual. Sir Richard is very thirsty.

The Physician will move and heal injured combatants within a short move.

Second Scenario (time permitting)

A group of Dragoons have managed to get away with a second cartload of supplies that was hidden in a barn. Worse still they have taken the farmer’s daughter hostage!

Can the Dragoons get the slow moving cart off the road edge before the Royalists can stop them?

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