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The Hunnic Empire and their Subject Gepid allies have crossed the Danube and are raiding and pillaging as they go into Roman territory.  A relief force of Roman Field Army troops have mobilised in defence.  Intercepting the invaders at a river crossing guarded by a watch tower along a Roman road the Romans prepare for battle.  A Church burns already looted by advancing raiders whilst the forces deploy for battle.  The Romans deploy first with Cataphracts and light horse to their left flank and infantry cantre and right.  The Huns deploy cavalry on their own right flank with infantry centre and left.  The Gepid shock cavalry deploy to the rear left flank awaiting a gap in the line to smash through.

Mike’s Romans certainly had the better of the action dice.  However they rolled badly when saving against being hit in combat.  In the end we decided it was a very close barbarian victory.  The Hunnic cavalry advanced rapidly and even charged the Cataphracts deployed to shore up the gap on the Roman left.  They charged whilst the Romans had no action die but lost one unit of horse archers who had strayed too close in the process.  The Cataphracts however held their ground whilst more huns attempted to encircle them.  In the centre both infantry lines eventually clashed with no real winners on either side.  Roman cavalry moved towards their left of centre but in this time the Gepid cavalry were eventually moved round to oppose them.  The force of the barbarian attack had been blunted across the line as the Romans held but numbers were beginning to tell and the Cataphracts did appear exposed on the Roman left wing.

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