Saturday 5th March: Advanced Song of Blades; Hammer and Forge   Leave a comment

So time for the players to take on the adventure prepared in the posts below.

Bruce and Mike each took a group of dwarves whilst Phil played their opposition; Undead against Mike’s Company of Dwarven explorers (based on the Miner’s list) and Orcs against Bruce’s Dwarven Infantry (based on the Dwarven list).

So with the Treasure and the Crystal safely in the hands of the Dwarven Company and the battle in the caverns below fought unto a stalemate the scenarios were complete and victory points tallied.  The Company of Dwarves scored a Major Victory and the Orcs a Minor.  Not only that the Thief’s daring defeat of the Barrow Wight and his crucial interception of the Undead Veteran will certainly be remembered in the campaign upgrade step.  Also the Heroic Dwarf with the Heavy Hammer who managed to grab the Crystal and get it to safety has managed to find a bottle of the infamous Ghost Ale so will be Drunk with High Quality Spirits for the next scenario.  This can be good or bad but ceratainly good for the Dwarf with a mighty thirst!  Neither side lost any major characters so will be ready to fight in the next battle.

For the Orcs and the forces of Evil they will need to gather their strength for the next scenario before the Dwarves are able to claim control of the Fortress and its caverns on a long term basis.  With the loss of their phylactery though the Undead are unlikely to be ready for battle.  The Lich Lord will send therefore a group of his Goblins led by their Shaman in an attempt to disrupt their plans.

Meanwhile the two Forces of Dwarves have discovered secret passages and wooden walkways linking the two areas.  Though merely distant cousins and distrustful of each others motives they are well aware of the threat posed by the enemy and so have set aside their differences in order to combine their forces against the common foe.  With the Thief off setting a surprise for the enemy the two commanders plan their joint defence against the forthcoming attack.


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