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Phil and Robert played through the first two scenarios together. It was Robert’s first time and great fun.

Tripper and Crusher (Phil) crashed through the undergrowth pursued by the Orcs and goblins. They had heard of a village beset by foes and had set out intending to help and earn some coin in the process from the bounty posted on the Town message board. However they had turned from hunters to hunted and the way ahead was blocked by an Orc hunting ground set with traps. Unexpectedly they met up with two wayfarers a dark suited Ninja called Lloyd and a doughty shield warrior dwarf named Jai (Robert). Similarly heading towards the same village the two groups joined up.

First scenario


Our heroes entered the board only to find a Troll which had been hidden partially from view behind bushes now rise up and roar in defiance. Orc warriors and Orc brutes we’re across the stream. At the far side of board. Tripper cast a fireball which singed the Troll and Crusher struck it a heavy blow with his two handed maul. Ninja rushed in and finished it off. Tripper once again tripped over a scorpion but managed to resist its poison and advance towards the brutes. Ninja rushed to intercept a reinforcing orc warrior whilst Jai raced forward and took on the orc warrior horde on his own striking down the first in short order.

Whilst Tripper held off the brute with Magic Dart Ninja took out the orc warrior and used his whirlwind of steel ability to quickly advance against the horde and defeat another orc. He then rushed forward towards the last brute on his next turn leaping onto a boulder in the stream. The brute struck a heavy blow which ninja deflected using his martial block and then attacked and slew the final enemy with a critical hit.

Our heroes grabbed the magic lock picks for Jai and headed towards the village

Second scenario

Slippery rocks

This time our heroes found their way blocked by the very Lizardmen they had set out to destroy for the villagers. These evil serpents had been preying on the peasants and thought to waylay our brave travellers.

Things seemed to go well at the start. Our heroes advanced and the lizardmen closed. The champions in the centre and the smaller lizard men archers and the lizard men warriors both grouped into hordes to the left. Tripper cast a fireball successfully and wiped out both hordes in a single burst, however his first attempt at casting had drained all his magic power. And he was forced to use blood magic and suffer one hit in order to get the spell off. Ninja rushed forward in the centre to defeat a lizard man champion whilst crusher held back to defend the now wounded Tripper hurling his axe at the lizard men but missing his first shot and breaking his remaining axe with his second .

A lizard man wandered onto the board dealing another wound to tripper who lacks martial skills being armed only with a staff and little training in its use. Fortunately Jai was able to rush forward and gather a great deal of treasure whilst Ninja dealt more damage to the champions in the centre aided by Crusher. Tripper had to defend himself against the frenzied lizard man warrior alone but was able to deal it a heavy blow with his staff and somehow survive. The final champion proved a doughty foe knocking both Ninja and Crusher down to one hit each. He even injured Ninja who failed badly in an attempted Marshall block.

Then he activated again trying to deal a killing blow on Crusher but the brave dwarf turned the tables on him with a mighty swing of his maul and all the enemy were now defeated. Gathering the treasure they had garnered quickly before more foes arrived our heroes headed towards the village to collect a well earnt bounty. They soon had 132 gold for each pair and Ninja had found a very handy potion of spider climbing too.

Tripper learnt a healing spell as it looked like they were going to need it.

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