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Bree : At the sign of the prancing pony   Leave a comment

Harry Goatleaf gets a surprise as four Mounted Ringwraiths burst through the gates.
Aragorn and Barliman usher the hobbits out of the inn at the dead of night hoping to escape before the Nazgul arrive.
Bree. The Nazgul are searching and can only spot their prey at 12 with an unobstructed view.
One rider tries to ride Harry down as the other three race towards the inn. Harry defeats the black rider and strikes him down with his dagger despite the heavy armour. Nazgul have only one wound so that leaves just three remaining on turn one! The Nazgul rolled double one and then Harry a 6/4 to wound using a might point.
All the Nazgul fail the roll to move so are instead moved by Good. Interestingly he decides they are enraged by the defeat on their comrade and turn back to deal with the upstart Harry. This fight will cost them each a will point and delay the search. Harry is horribly struck down suffering six wounds.
Meanwhile the heroes escape out of sight to the rear of the inn.
They are nearly there , to the western gate.
Two Of the Nazgul are finally able to move under the direction of the evil player and charge towards the inn. The third looks for any more gatekeepers! The first turn our heroes are obscured by the inn and the outhouse so remain hidden !
Finally they spot their prey and using dark spells compel the ring bearer to turn back. Butterbear goes to give the first a piece of his mind and Aragorn leads the hobbits in a counterattack. The Nazgul in desperation have fallen into a trap. With Aragorn fight six and completely surrounded the second Nazgul is defeated when two hobbits leap onto its back with cries of for Harry Goatleaf whilst Aragorn distracts it to the front.

The third Nazgul is now very low on will and even though the fourth rider soon arrives and uses compel spell to force Pippin back still he blocks the way to the ring bearer. Barliman holds the southern most rider back again and it is in danger of dissipating but instead he defeats it when it tries to chase down the run bearer. Calling heroic moves when required Aragorn is able to keep the heroes moving towards the western gate . They escape leaving the final rider behind. Another victory for the Good player.

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