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Leaving strict instructions to the Hobbits not to light a fire Aragorn has left the halflings hiding in the ancient hilltop ruin Weathertop.

Of course they light a fire and start cooking some sausages.

The evil player moved his Nazgul forward and tried to cast some spells. Drain courage, sap will, black dart. All resisted or failed to wound.

On the second turn Aragorn promptly arrived whilst the Nazgul closed in. More spells were resisted and the Nazgul were driven back by the hobbits bearing flaming brands. Merry threw a rock hitting the witch king . He rolled a six to wound but the second roll failed against such a high defence.

At this point two Nazgul were able to close in against Frodo. Instill fear, immobilise and black darts were all once again resisted by the hobbits though Sam did lose a point of courage. Frodo of course beat all his foes and pushed them back.

Meanwhile Aragorn defeated the Witch King in a duel.

Soon Aragorn was able to rescue a beleaguered Frodo and the Nazgul faded from lack of will. However Frodo had lost some points that he was unable to regain before the next scenario. Due to his heroic performance Aragorn regained all his points.

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