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The Old Forest   Leave a comment

Well this was a strange encounter indeed. Pippin was struck unconscious early on and failed to rouse. However the other hobbits were able to push back the trees and make their way to the safety of Tom Bombadil.

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Bucklebury Ferry   Leave a comment

The Hobbits began in the centre whilst the Nazgul chose to split up- one to the North, One in the centre and one to the South. The sentries all randomly moved in the wrong directions except the Northern one who did not move the first 3 turns.

The Hobbits where able therefore to carefully thread their way along the centre path sticking to cover and evade the sentries till they reached the edge of the woods. They could see Ferry waiting across the open ground. However at that point the Northern sentry (rolled a 6) and finally moved towards pippin and was able to raise the alarm- alerting all the others. Middle and Northern sentry converged towards the hobbits. They cast Transfix successfully on Frodo! Then they had initiative and were about to pounce when Good called a Heroic Move and evading their grasp! They cast Black Bolts on Frodo and wounded him twice. He used all his fate and was down to his last wound.

The Hobbits tried to shield him but black darts ignore in the way! They boarded the ferry but it only moved 1 inch the first two turns. The Nazgul tried to force their way onto the Ferry pushing Merry back whilst Sam held off the other. Using their last essence of will as the Ferry drifted away they hurled black darts again at Frodo but he resisted with a 6!

The last Nazgul arrived but Frodo was now hiding out of sight in the bottom of the Ferry and he failed to inflict more damage as Sam resisted his command / compel. The Hobbits had all made it ashore and raced along the road to safety.

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