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Monday 6th November: Preparing for To the Strongest: Imperial Romans versus Sassanid Persia   Leave a comment



By User:Fabienkhan – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Battle of Edessa 260 AD


Table is all set up ready for the arrival of Shapur and his Persians (Mike and Alex) to take on Emperor Valerian  (Phil and Darryl) and the Romans.  This was ultimately an ill fated campaign for the Romans historically but perhaps our representation of the first few days of the campaigning around Edessa might yield a different result.

Two sides of 250 points each.

Romans and Persia.

Our scenario represents the first day’s engagement.  The Romans have deployed for battle outside their camp whilst an advance force of Persians have arrived at the outskirts of Edessa ready to fight and block the Roman advance.  If the romans can defeat the Persians on this day then they will be able to resupply from the city but if they cannot then they will soon be out of water and fodder and the Emperor will be forced to negotiate terms when the bulk of Persian Army arrives over the next few days.  During the negotiations the Romans will be betrayed and Valerian will be captured, leading to the eventual surrender of the Roman Army trapped in the camp thus suffering the worst defeat in Roman history. So our scenario is the only hope the Romans have to avoid the terrible true historical outcome.



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The King’s Life (3)   Leave a comment

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The King’s Life   Leave a comment

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Saturday 4th November: Pandemic Legacy   Leave a comment

Phil, Bruce, Mike, Alex and Darryl played Bruce’s Pandemic Legacy once more.

This time after 3 straight defeats it was three consecutive victories.  However the one shot vaccination cards helped a lot plus the 6 yellow assistance cards for being so far behind for the first game.

Nevertheless it was some good team work and a little fortune which helped the players achieve victory.  Used on the evening were:  Colonel, Generalist, Quarantine Specialist, Operations Specialist, Scientist and Researcher.  In the final game the players rescued the Virologist.  In the second game they managed to get the Black Death to Level 4 upgrade level which makes it easier to handle.   Plus they now have a starting military base in each of the six Regions.

Next one looks tough though and with no bonus yellows to play it is maybe fortunate for Phil that it is his turn to sit one out.

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