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Planning my To the Strongest Battle.  The forces of Umbar are advancing towards Pelargir having joined up with the Haradrim and Southrons.  Joining them is an advanced force from Mordor.  Ranged against them is a force from Dol Amroth and the Fiefdoms.

I have created some army lists ideas people are welcome to adapt.



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3 responses to “To the Strongest Fantasy Lord of the Rings

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  1. Really nice work, i’m impressed. May I copy your lists? I have a few comments but please don’t take them as criticisms but rather thoughts for discussion. Apologies for a long response 🙂

    Hared: Nice I like the way you include camels and the way you handle trolls. I have done the same. I’m not sure why they have late knights. I’d expected Gondor to be at the same technology level. In my lists I have put Orcs down as RAW as they are smaller and weaker than men (book version not the film).

    Gondor: Nice. I’d have given the infantry spears as the guards have spears. Gondor was not know for archers so it seems strange for them to have lots of Veteran bowmen.

    Rohan: I would have given them lances but I can see an argument for javelin. As they are a mounted people I can not see them having a Foot Royal guard unless it is the royal guard dismounted.

    Elves: Why 2HCW for Mirkwood longbows?

    Isenguard: As wolves are small I’d have given them javelins rather than lances. The Uruk Hai were man size orcs so I’d have made them a shield wall, or Auxiliaries or warriors rather then 2HCW (once again book version not film). Regular Orcs I always make RAW as I like the idea of lots of weak cheap units. One extra to add to the army list would be Hillmen who I’d assume are warriors and light infantry.

    • Thanks Eddie. Of course use and adapt my lists. I have chosen the stats to go with my figures. Of course these are Games Workshop. I really like these sculpts. So of course they are influenced by the Films which I also liked (for the most part).

      Harad: Late Knights because cross referencing the rule book these are for Horses with Armour/ Barding. Also these Knights I see as in incredible armour plus they can cause Terror. I am thinking of upgrading the Knights of Dol Amroth in my Gondor List also to Late Knights as they have barding and shields too.

      Orcs. I can see Raw working well. But I have Morannon Orcs and Gundabad Orcs who are supposed to be drilled and well armoured (according to GW at least). I can see Raw though too fitting really well for standard orcs but then I have an Orc Taskmaster with a whip driving them forward.

      Gondor: Yes I can see spears. I was trying to make a difference between my figures with 2 handed spears and one handed spears with big shields though. Veteran Bowmen if you check the To the Strongest rules is how you are advised to grade units of archers in full armour.

      Rohan: I think I gave the guard lances? In GW terms the Riders have throwing spears (like in the film) and the Royal Guard have the lances I believe. Again the Riders in the film and GW also have bows so I could see javelin covering that aspect of close to the enemy too. The Foot Guard are indeed just the dismounted Guard, just like the other TTS Lists.

      Mirkwood 2HCW probably is there to represent the figures with 2HCW (Elven Glaives).

      Isengard: Well Wargs are big but sure give them javelins, makes sense. I was differentiating those charging with spear and hungry wargs from those with bow and skirmishing. This final list is not properly finished to be fair as it is including figures from Mordor and needs some work.

      Thanks for your comments. I am currently also working on lists for Armies and Hordes which is a Fantasy set similar to TTS crossed with Song of Blades. You might like to look at those too from Ganesha game. Just need to find some time to play!

  2. Thanks for replying. That all makes sense. I had missed the armoured bow as vet rule. I have often built lists to my figures, indeed I think it might be the best way unless you have a clean slate. I will check out the other rules thanks.
    P.s. My fantasy armies are 15mm.

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