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Battle for the Eastern Gate   Leave a comment

In our scenario Balin has led a small force through the gate and encounters a small scouting patrol of goblins.

Bruce managed to get one of them into the mines to raise the alarm. However the patrol tried to hold back the powerful dwarven attack and was massacred. Yet Balin was badly wounded in the melee.

When the goblin captain leading the reinforcements failed his courage test and fled the field the other cowardly goblins ran away. This allowed Balin and his guards to pass through deeper into the mines.

Next we played two battles between Gandalf and the Balrog. This ended honours even. Finally we played through two games of the Treachery of Sméagol and Sam was victorious twice!

So in the end a great day of Moria themed strategy battle gaming. Well done to Bruce and his goblins who smashed the hapless foolish dwarves in the main battle of the day!

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The Darrowdelf   Leave a comment

So we started with the Darrowdelf scenario.

Bruce formed his goblins up behind the Troll heading towards the bridge whilst the dwarves split into three groups, with Balin and Floi leading the main force towards the bridge.

The dwarven archers picked off their opponent’s archers and this kept the goblins in cover for the most part. Nevertheless as the dwarves advanced they also lost some casualties to arrows from the dark and of course that hurt more as a guard is more expensive than a lowly goblin.

The iron guard held up the Troll and then dispatched it. Balin moved up behind them waiting for a gap whilst across the bridge The goblins and their king kept in cover and waited.

The dwarves bravely kept across the chasm thinking to close with goblins and move in and help Balin cross the bridge. However so many rolled a one and fell to their doom that they fell prey to the goblins on the opposite side. Having armour six or seven is not so good when losing a fight when outnumbered let alone surrounded.

With their numbers dwindled even though they had succeeded in forcing the path across the bridge the dwarves chose to withdraw. Victory to Bruce and his evil goblins.

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