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Preparing for Dunsmore Heath, English Civil War; For King and Parliament   Leave a comment

For King and Parliament are the TTS version for ECW.

Using a scenario book have prepared forces for Dunsmore Heath. A stronger Parliamentarian force must drive off the Royalists who are attempting to block their way to Coventry at Dunsmore Heath.

The Battlefield set out in 20cm squares for FKaP
The Royalists

Spencer Compton, 2nd Earl of Northampton

An incredibly wealthy Royalist, with land in eleven counties and a close friend and advisor of King Charles.  On the outbreak of the English Civil War, Northampton as Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire and Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire was entrusted with the execution of the Commission of Array in Warwickshire.

You are leading a strong force of cavalry supported by your own Regiment of Foot.  Unfortunately, you lost your artillery in an earlier skirmish as your outnumbered infantry fled the field dropping many of their muskets in their haste.  Nevertheless, your Cavaliers are made of sterner stuff and once again you have deployed your forces across the road at Dunsmore Heath near Rugby.   Your aim is to block your local Rival, Lord Brook – that detestable base born religious fanatic and affront to the King in the House of Lords for many years past.   Your small army numbers about 700 foot and 1000 horse and dragoons. 

Your orders are to prevent the Parliamentarians from crossing the field of battle to march on Coventry.  If you can do this whilst sustaining only half their casualties (VP coins), then that would be a Major victory for the cause.  However, if your force is losing the day then if you could safely withdraw 75% of your cavalry that would deny Parliament a Major Victory.  Your cavalry force is actually most of the Cavalry available to the King at this time, early in the war.


Robert Greville, 2nd Baron Brooke

A radical Puritan activist and leading member of the opposition to Charles I of England prior to the outbreak of the First English Civil War in August 1642. Appointed Parliamentarian commander in Staffordshire and Warwickshire.

You have been readying for this war for some time, purchasing and storing weapons at Warwick Castle.  You have recruited many good men of similar mind to your regiment, for example the Leveller, Freeborn John Lilburne (whose writings are said to have later inspired the US Constitution).   Your soldiers are full of righteous passion for the cause and well equipped but lack even basic training as yet.   Strong in infantry and with artillery captured from the Royalists at an earlier skirmish your army is numbering about 3500.   

Your orders are to link up with and relieve the Parliamentarian forces besieged at Coventry.   You find the road blocked by the forces of the Earl of Northampton, your rival in Warwickshire at Dunsmore Heath near Rugby. 

In order to do so you must rout the Royalists whilst sustaining only half as many casualties (VP coins).  Parliament will require your forces for later battles especially once they have had time to learn some drill. 

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