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Scouring of the Shire Part One (b)   Leave a comment

After time for some of Farmer Maggot’s best sausages we were ready to continue.

First up was the fight at the Old Mill. Ted Sandyman and the Ruffians had to smash or open the doors. Ted tried to sneak round to the right. However in sight of the doors and with two Ruffians to aid him he had a sudden rush of blood to the head and raced into a fight! The outnumbered militiaman struck him unconscious! However without any heroes to aid them this scenario soon went to the Evil side.

Next up was the arrest of Mayor Whitfoot.

This was an ambush!

Whitfoot and the Hobbits rushed forward trying to protect Will as he made his escape. Unfortunately Sid and his Ruffians blocked the road and made short work of the Hobbits. Another quick victory for Evil.

So the Next scenario will be the Death of Lotho which looks to be a good one.

So far in terms of campaign bonuses:

Evil 3 additional ruffians in Bywater. Ted Sandyman will return at Bywater. Folco may move on the first turn in the arrest scenario.

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Scouring of the Shire Part One (a)   Leave a comment

The Skirmish at Bree

Bruce took the part of Good and the Hobbits whilst I played the Ruffians. The First Scenario ended with the villagers being beaten into submission but Bill failed to take two casualties. He was fought back by Fatty who rolled a six in the final round. So a draw.

The Brandywine bridge.

In the second scenario the Ruffians wanted to capture the two Shirriff leaders. The Hobbits were able to throw stones at the careless Ruffian archers who stood out in the open at close range. However on the bridge the battle went way of the Ruffians who smashed through the Shirriffs defending. They caught the two leaders and put them in chains. However the tricksy Hobbits kept escaping. This meant it was impossible to capture them and drag them away in the twelve turns so it was a victory for Good.

Both leaders in chains.

Next was Farmer Maggot’s fields.

The hounds began quite active and bounded towards the woods in search of the Ruffians. However they sensibly chose to avoid them and moved to the other side and crossed over the dry stone wall/ hedge. This clearly confused te hounds who then failed to do anything whilst the first few Ruffians escaped. They did finally raise the alarm and one hound harried the last few even taking one down. However Farmer Maggot had clearly been at his cups and refused to stir despite the howls and growls. So the last few escaped too with a victory for Evil this time.

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