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Flight to the Ford of Bruinen   Leave a comment

Arwen starts on the western edge closely pursued by 5 Nazgul including the Witch King.  The Nazgul are weak, just 3 will or 4 for the King.  Asfaloth, Arwen’s horse can move 12 per turn! 

Good start with priority and Asfaloth races off and Aragorn and the Hobbits move swiftly around the Nazgul to assist but cannot charge the first turn. 

Second turn the Nazgul get priority and 3 of the 4 remaining arrive.  However several lose their exhausted mounts.  Two at least could close to fight Arwen.  So far she has resisted their spells.  So they could potentially hit Frodo so she calls a heroic move.  Aragorn calls a heroic move too and catches up with one Nazgul with his hobbits.  They are brave. 

Thanks to the heroic move Arwen is safe and she keeps racing away getting closer to the ford but the Northern Nazgul now just close.  One loses its mount with a six rolled and then a 6 for thrown so can cast a spell.  All are now on the map and really attack hard with Black Darts.  Asfaloth is slain and Arwen wounded.  Am not entirely sure how this could happen because the scenario seems to propose that Asfaloth needs to cross the ford as a given.  So I change the rule to include Arwen. 

Any way Aragorn takes out another rider closely pursued by the hobbits whilst Frodo races across the ford and Arwen moves to defend the crossing.  Nazgul charge her one being mounted.  Her sacrifice is enough though to help Frodo across safely. 

Some Nazgul cross safely but three are in the river when Elrond is ready to cast Wrath of Bruinen and bring down the flood to wash them away whilst Aragorn and the Hobbits look on.

The remaining Nazgul are low on will and magic has little effect so close to Rivendell.  Frodo resists.  However Nazgul do not lose will when attacking Frodo.  He survives with a heroic defence. 

Finally with more heroic marches Aragorn can rush across.  He is beset but this costs Nazgul will and again Frodo gets away losing some Fate.  Finally the Hobbits are across and Aragorn hits back.  The Nazgul are soon destroyed through loss of will as Frodo races to safety.

Well done Good.  A very close game.  Evil thought he had it when Asfaloth fell but Elrond arrived on the first turn he could and took out three Nazgul in the nick of time. 

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