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The pass at Caradras and wild wargs in the woods   Leave a comment

The quest of the ring bearer continued with the Pass. Good did very well with the pass getting all the heroes on just one hp left but then mostly evading by pulling back or moving sideways before making a final push. With only three losses the heroes made it to the pass.

Next it was the wild wargs in the woods en route to Moria.

Another strange scenario.

Possibly there to help the good player learn his new abilities with the full fellowship. That was a lot of rules to remember. Lots of wargs too so I drafted in some hyenas and a hound from Conan.

Good started off by keeping his heroes in the centre around bill the pony. Legolas concentrated fire on the wild warg chieftain using his special power to shoot past any cover he tried to use. Then Gandalf hit him with a sorcerous blast.

Good used lots of heroic combats to keep the heroes moving and fighting whilst Legolas held back to use his bow and Frodo kept out of trouble.

Finally Even bill the pony moved forward to be used successfully as bait and to shield Frodo. Unfortunately Pippin was taken out as a casualty whilst Boromir was dealing with the chieftain.

After that as the numbers thinned and they had survived the initial waves the fellowship began to control the situation. Though there were technically more turns to go it was time for the hobbits dinner so we called it as a good victory as it was clearly going to be such.

Was fun and definitely challenging at times such as when the hobbits and the weaker melee heroes were pushed into a tight knot whilst the strongest were drawn out .

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Ambush at Amon Hen completed   2 comments

The last four figures from the set completed. Contrast paints , mainly Templar black and brown cybor. Gulliman flesh . Then over painted with citadel colours.

Aragorn and Gimli rhinox brown then mixed with graveyard earth or dark flesh as layers gradually lighter. For Legolas camo green base then mix of catechan green and camo for highlights. Blue for tunic and grey for trousers. For cloaks grey then highlights with lighter stages of grey. Washes such as nuln oil especially to armour and sparing use of Devlan mud in the creases. Varnish then corrections and touch ups before final varnish.

Edit: don’t forget to add Strider’s beard (cygor brown) like I did before taking this photo.

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