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The escape continues…   Leave a comment

Pursued by yet more foes our tired heroes race across the crumbling chasms towards the bridge and safety.

The Fellowship use Heroic Marches to move faster and Immobilize spells on the racing Cave Troll to keep it out of reach. Legolas peppers it with arrows.

Eventualy they crash into the Goblins and their captains. The Goblin archery is not so effective due to Gandalf’s Blinding Light. Having finished off the Troll Legolas keeps taking out the archers on the walkways. Gimli and Strider carve a path but Strider is wounded and falls back allowing Boromir to take his place. Soon the Captains are trapped against a chasm and taken out. The heroes make it all over the gap and safety having killed all 24 warriors and their leaders in short order. Next will be the hall and the bridge of Khazad Dum itself- with the Balrog!

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Balin’s Tomb AAR   Leave a comment

Good chose to set up with the Heroes charging the doorway, Legolas on the tomb (a defendable barrier) and Gandalf steering the hobbits to safety.

At least 8 goblin’s dead in one turn!

Strider pushes ever onwards with a heroic combat and traps the goblin captain againsat the board edge- actually charging through the door. Several goblins attack Legolas but he defends the tomb easily (a defendable barrier).

Strider is then trapped by a cave troll and the second captain and the press of goblins. Each combat the Troll rolls a six but Strider wins the dice off the first two times, reducing it to one wound left.

Meanwhile through use of channelled Blinding Light and Terror Gandalf is able to keep the Hobbits safe. Sadly a Goblin gets through the trapdoor before it can be blocked and Merry is knocked out. The Hobbits are able to maintain this safe area awhile, with Gandalf casting sorcerous blast at any groups of goblins who attempt to approach.

The Troll finally wins a dice off against Strider who has run out of might. He is trapped and gets nastily Rended. Next turn he pulls back allowing Gimli to finish off the Troll after defeating the Captain, supported by Boromir. These two suffer no scratches and deal heavy damage to the Goblins. Unfortunately two cowardly Goblin archers are able to sneak past and fire an arrow in Strider’s back taking out his last wound as he rushes towards the goblin archer on the heights ( the one who spent the whole game killing only his allies as they tried to fight Legolas)!

So with the loss of just Merry and Strider the Good player was victorious and survived until Turn 10. Fortunately Strider was able to recover as did Merry. Since Strider had single handedly held off the Troll for so long and charged heroically into the fray he was able to recover his wounds before the next scenario.

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