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The Watcher in the Water

Another quite odd scenario.  Any way we played it and it was fun because it was fun, but I think two competitive opponents looking for a match would not like it.  We thought it was great. Maybe the rules needed a little tweak. Technically the pool needed to be a bigger which I realised at last minute- hence the badly placed blue cloth.

Frodo looks into dark the pool and is caught by surprise! 

Meanwile the others are busy looking at the dwarven door to Moria. 

Six tentacles lash out and grab Frodo.  Fortunately he survives with the loss of 2 fate but is dragged towards it into close combat! 

Our heroes rush to his aid. 

Six melee attacks follow but Frodo survives through use of Heroic Defence.

Frodo puts on the ring and escapes!  He cannot be targeted by ranged attacks or tentacles now. This was crucial. Plus I got to use Invisible Frodo at last.

Gandalf unleashes a sorcerous blast and Legolas strikes it with arrows.  Wounds cause it to be pushed back as do Gandalf’s sorcerous blasts.  Soon it is heavily wounded and Aragorn joins in too – using his bow as he advances.  The creature tries to close but is constantly pushed back. 

Frodo reaches the exit as the Fellowship withdraws keeping out of the long reach of its tentacles with Aragorn and Gandalf and Legolas continuing to inflict wounds until it reaches one and continually pushing it out of range of its tentacles attack. The stronger heroes wait until the hobbits escape and then join them in the Long Dark of Moria. Sadly Bill the Pony gets left behind! 

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