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Fly you fools!

Good raced the fellowship across the board using heroic marches. Gandalf cast a channeled blinding light to make it very hard for the goblin archers to hit anything. The Balrog took a long while to emerge. Legolas had been hanging back in order to keep up a hail of arrows against the goblin archers.

Legolas fired at the Balrog as it raced towards him, just outside of the range of its fiery lash. His arrows bounced off its armour, one just narrowly failing to wound the Demon.

With Gandalf casting sorcerous blasts from the bridge Boromir and Gimli attacked the goblins who were attempting to block off access for the hobbits. Aragorn shepherded the halflings safely across the bridge through the gap.

Gimli and Boromir forced the goblin captains and their minions back but failed to kill any even with Gandalf helping by knocking some prone.

Legolas used heroic move to keep away from the pursuing Balrog and deftly dodged its fiery lash. However he was soon forced to enter combat to save Pippin which allowed the Balrog to catch him. Legolas though increased his fight to ten with a heroic strike and won the dice off thus driving back the mighty Balrog in single combat before racing off again towards the bridge.

Pippin raced ahead too and made it to the bridge thanks to Boromir and Gimli having dealt with the goblins who had thought to block his way.

All this time Aragorn had concentrated on protecting Gandalf and the halflings which explained why his archery had been so ineffective. Finally he was able to kill one of the archers harassing Gandalf from afar.

With Legolas holding the Balrog up the others rush onto the bridge and Aragorn heroically marches them towards the exit. Good had mainly won the initiative rolls so far.

Gandalf takes the chance of destroying the bridge with Legolas still on it and successfully manages to damage it without completely collapsing it as he had hoped. Next turn Legolas was able to call a heroic move allowing himself to jump off the bridge to safety and Gandalf to attempt to destroy the bridge as the Balrog bore down on him with a plus one for damaging it last turn. However the bridge held and the Balrog inflicted heavy wounds on the wizard in the ensuing melee. Gandalf managed to survive thanks to his fate and ability to re roll failures. That wound he took from a lucky goblin archer earlier bringing him close to disaster!

With all the heroes other than Gandalf now safe it all rested on the next turn. Good won priority once again so Gandalf was able to cast his spell before the Balrog could close and either kill him or drive him off the bridge. He successfully cast and then rolled with just a plus two needing a total of 6! Five ! and so the bridge collapsed taking Gandalf, the Balrog and two hapless goblins into the chasm. Well done good player.

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