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The battle of Kadesh in 15mm using the TTS rules.

We join the action after the destruction of the Ptah division. The Pharoah has driven his chariot from his camp to meet the opposing Hittites as they cross the Orontes.

The forces deployed. Egypt the the left and Hittites to the right.
Muwatalli advances. The Egyptian Prince’s division opposite.

To the Hittite left the forces clash. The heavy chariots prove too strong for the Egyptian right wing.
The Hittite left wing push forward whilst the right and centre are held back by the Egyptians. The Hittite centre chariots evade back after their initial charges as the Egyptian infantry push forward.
Finally the Hittite left wing drives back the remaining lights whilst the heavy chariots turn and strike the centre division to the flank. The Egyptian forces fail to inflict enough casualties themselves and are soon out of victory medals.

Victory to the Hittites.

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