Preparing for Song of Drums and Shakos large battles   Leave a comment

Time to dust off a set of rules I bought in 2014 and never played.

These rules use the same system as all the songs of rules which hopefully should give a fun game . It turns out I have enough Austrians now to create an army for a quick battle . Most though are based for Shako as I bought these from an open day whilst my Bavarians and my other Austrians are on wider bases. Nevertheless it should work with 120mm unit frontages . I have plenty enough Bavarians to create an Army to oppose them . For this I will use the French army list as the Bavarians fought using the French doctrine.

So will set up some terrain using my 15mm Napoleonic buildings and test them out . Took a look at Shako but it’s just not inspiring somehow. I also have black powder and Blucher I could try out . Maybe Grand Armee would be fun but I would need to buy that and probably it needs more Austrians.

An example list for Song of Drums:

C in C: Marshall Francois Joseph Lefebvre      
Mixed  Brigade (Crown Prince Ludwig)      
Light Infantry Green Coats2442Light, Elan 
Veteran Line Infantry Blue Coats3351Determined 
Line Infantry (Lippe White)1441  
Light Horse Chasseurs144   
Medium Foot Artillery14    
Mixed  Brigade (Prince von Wrede)      
Light Infantry Green Coats 2442Light, Elan 
Veteran Line Infantry Blue Coats3351Determined 
Line Infantry (Anhalt Green)1441  
Hussars144 Opportunistic 
Medium Foot Artillery14    
Line infantry Brigade (General von Deroy)      
Veteran Line Infantry Blue Coats5351Determined 
Line Infantry (Dark Blue Wurttemberg)2441  
Reserve (Lefebvre)      
Cuirassiers137 Cuirass 
Lancers Uhlans144 Lance 
Light Horse Chasseurs144   
Grenadiers (Dark Blue Wurttemberg)1352Elan, Elite, Determined
Light Horse Artillery13    
Unit TypeNumberQCSK 
C in C: FM Johann von Hiller     
Line Infantry Brigade (FML Kottulinsky)     
Line Infantry Fusiliers 120mm wide (4×30-3×40)5460Green
Landwehr (4×30) Brown Coats/ Green Coats2530Militia
Medium Foot Artillery14   
Avant Garde Brigade (FML von Schustek-Heve)     
Jagers (4×30) Grey Coats2441Light
Grenzer (Brown Coat, Shako)1441Light, Elan
Light Cavalry Hussars145  
Light Horse Artillery13   
Grenadiers Brigade (GM d’Aspre)     
Grenadiers 2350Strong
Line Infantry Fusiliers 120mm wide (4×30-3×40)5460Green
Medium Foot Artillery14   
Reserve (von Hiller)     
Cuirassiers237 Cuirass

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